Gun Grabbing Realities: Venezuela

As Country Crashes and Burns, Venezuelans Offer Chilling Warning About Gun Grabbers


Venezuela has been and continues to be, a screaming red flag cautionary tale for American Patriots.

National Gun Confiscation is not a “Far Right Scare Tactic” as those on the left claim.

Right now as we speak the legal groundwork for National Gun Confiscation in America is being laid with the passing of Red Flag Laws across the country.

Prepare now. Train Now.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Weapons of Mass Manipulation

 Weapons of Mass Manipulation


This story absolutely sickened me to my core.

Some pinko liberal “Fact Checker” at the New Yorker doing what liberals do best: Talk out of their ass.

Calling a Disabled Veteran who sacrificed his body in combat for YOUR freedom a nazi?

Beyond disgraceful.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Support our Veterans and Stay Dangerous!


World War I Era Weapons: The (French) Milwaukee Nail



The Milwaukee Nail

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I have always held a fascination with all things sharp and pointy, particularly Improvised Weapons.

This is a really look at a version of a nasty trench fighting tool of WW1.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: Another Case of Fleeing Suspects

Angry guy with rifle shooting at a burglar with a stolen bag isolated on white background

Home Owner Arrested After Shooting Burglar

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I agree with Bob on this one, I expect the charges will be dropped unless there is more to the story than we are being told.

However, let’s look a little bit closer because I have been noticing a pattern as of late with some recent incidents involving armed how owners or Concealed Carriers and “fleeing suspects”

If your life is not in IMMINENT DANGER (and please forgive me for using these ‘legalese’ terms, but I want you guys to get into the habit of thinking this way if you are going to carry and use a gun for self-defense) and you get into a self-defense scenario and the suspect or suspects FLEE… let them go!

DO NOT CHASE THEM as it can result in the Cops thinking you are the BAD GUY WITH THE GUN !

And definitely DO NOT yell the ubiquitous Hollywood action film  “STOP OR I WILL SHOOT!”

Yeah OK, the scumbags broke in and stole something, but at this point, they are not trying to HARM YOU OR YOUR LOVED ONES. They are fleeing away from you and your home. Yelling “STOP” and inviting them back into a confrontation is not a smart move. Yes I know they violated your property and had no right to do that and you are pissed off, But consider: It’s 3am, it’s dark you are still half way asleep and your brain is not all the way together because of the combination of all this and stress…do you really want to invite a confrontation with a thug who is possibly armed for the sake of either retrieving a MATERIAL object that can be replaced or worse yet, trying to do the job of Law Enforcement and make a citizens arrest? No of course not.

Let the Cops do their job and catch this idiot and retrieve your stolen goods if possible. Just remember to get a good description of the guy (or vehicle and plates) and the direction they went.

Now I know it is real easy to armchair quarterback a hairy situation like this, but I am only doing it for the sake of helping you guys remember that when you use a gun in self-defense, there is not just ONE FIGHT for your life, but TWO. The First happens on the street and the second happens in the Courtroom, and believe me when I tell you the one in the courtroom often suck way worse than the one on the street (unless you are killed on the street that is.)

Be Smart!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: TX Couple Defend Themselves in Own Driveway


Texas Couple With Gun In Car Shoots Armed Robber

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IMO, this story was a royal fluke. In other words, this couple is darn lucky that the would-be robber was a first rate IDIOT.

The fact that a firearm could be “passed” to the husband during the robbery, is definitely A-TYPICAL to say the least!

Having said that, here are a few observations:

  1. Never let your Guard down! Even in your own home or driveway!
  2. NEVER get out of your car during a robbery,  if possible.
  3. If you carry concealed, carry on your PERSON 24/7, No Exceptions.
  4. If you carry a handgun in your vehicle, have it reasonably accessible so you can draw and shoot quickly
  5. You are sitting in a 2 ton weapon. If possible use it! It trumps a measly handgun any day of the week plus Sundays.

I often harp on the fact that Armed Citizens neglect their “Vehicle Fighting Skills” way too much.

Being that we spend the majority of our time in our vehicles, the probability is always high something will happen while we are in them.

If you don’t have the means to practice live fire in a vehicle, at least take some time practicing how best to access your gun from your holster while seated in your vehicle (with your seat belt on) and accessing the gun from a hidden area in the car (like the center console or under the seat). Work on it and Tweak it until it is smooth and relatively quick.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!