Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment

Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment

Timely read.

Never forget we are in a WAR for our Constitutional rights, so when one offensive fails, the enemy will always try another more subtle approach.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Black America Before LBJ: How the Welfare State Inadvertently Helped Ruin Black Communities

Coming from our site sponsor, this post chronicles the failures of American liberalism in the maintenance of oppression. Political exploitation is a very real thing- and has been so for many decades. It is my prayer that Americans wake up to that reality and embrace the message of freedom- free markets, the recognition of…

via Black America Before LBJ: How the Welfare State Inadvertently Helped Ruin Black Communities — American Partisan

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Remembering Ruby Ridge 27 Years Later


Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Forgotten History of the ATF Shootout That Started a Militia Movement


My friends over at did an outstanding article on Randy Weaver and the tragedy at Ruby Ridge I wanted to share with you on the 27th Anniversary of this heinous crime.

I believe the most important thing we can do on days like today as PATRIOTS is LEARN from the PAST.

Understand that Vicki and Sammy Weaver were murdered on that mountain in Idaho 27 years ago by a gang of Federal assassins executing “legal” warrants.

Red Flag Laws are Dangerous and Unconstitutional legal tools that are RIPE for abuse, both by the loony left and a tyrannical Government that wants to disarm you, LEGALLY.

If people do not stand up boldly for their rights the SAME thing that happened at Ruby Ridge is going to start happening again on a much more frequent basis all over America.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!