10 Times a Good Guy With a Gun Saved Lives

10 Times a Good Guy With a Gun Saved Lives


With Modern History being manipulated by the MSM it’s important to remind ourselves of this FACT:


Good People with Guns Save Lives!




Compromise? No, Not One More Inch


We’ve  compromised our Nation and ourselves into a semi-Soviet, woke, ‘through the looking glass’, turning our children into travesties of human beings, and now are seriously talking about giving the Communists what they need to finish the job, namely, disarming the American public.

THIS is the way to stop ‘mass shooters’:  Carry, Practice. Carry. Practice.  And, if that time comes, ‘Take Out the Trash!’



Shamelessly Re-Broadcast from Armed American News. Emphasis Mine.

I cannot believe the number of alleged conservatives who are saying that now is a good time to sit down and talk with the gun banners, who have learned that if they can get us to give up a slice of bread every time we sit down, eventually they’ll have the whole loaf.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Tuesday that he is going to give a bipartisan group of Senators more time to work out how many of our constitutional rights we will lose. How magnanimous of the Leader. He and the Dems are apparently not in any rush to institute a laundry list of Second Amendment infringements. Why should they me? Each day that goes by their lapdogs in the mainstream media make their case for them. Even FOX News has joined in. FOX’s news actors positively gushed Tuesday over Matthew McConaughey’s recent guns-are-bad performance. “It was so emotional,” one of their vacuous news actors muttered. Give me a break.

Enough is enough.

I am sick of watching our gun rights being bartered away by RINOs, Quislings and traitors, none of whom speak for me. None of whom understand guns. None of whom have likely even fired a damn gun. And, quite frankly, I don’t care which liberal Hollywood actor they drag in next to buttress their case.

We have nothing to gain by entering into discussions with the gun banners. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Conversely, we have everything to lose. Our team should immediately walk away from the table. It’s not like we’re going to get anything from the talks. The gun banners expect us to willingly give up some constitutional rights. They won’t give up anything. This is not even an actual discussion. It’s a strong-arm robbery. The Dems believe as long as the legacy media keeps pumping out anti-gun stories, our team will have no choice but to compromise. Unfortunately, they may be right.

Instead, we need to hold the line. We need to understand that the Uvalde killings weren’t caused by you or me or the guns in our safes. They weren’t caused by the NRA, the GOA, the SAF, the USCCA or by the scores of state-level gun-rights groups. Neither were the killings the fault of the gun or the gunmaker. The madman was at fault, may he continue to rot in hell.

The gun banners excel at instituting a sense of mass guilt whenever one of these atrocities occurs. Unfortunately, many of our lawmakers buy into it and surrender our rights as a result. There are a lot of slices of bread on the table right now – expanded background checks, RKBA infringements for 18-20-year-olds, waiting periods and a national Red Flag law. The gun banners are salivating. I say we put them on a carb-free diet.

No means no.


Another Cautionary Tale About ALWAYS Being Armed


This happened in Teton County Wyoming this past Saturday, and although the details are a bit sketchy overall, here is what I conclude.

When you go out hunting in territory populated by animals that can kill and eat you, such as Grizzly or Black bears, beside your hunting rifle, you need to have a powerful Sidearm ON YOUR PERSON AT ALL TIMES! NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

The sidearm does not need to be in a Back Pack or in the Vehicle or laying on the kitchen counter…because when you need a gun for self-defense, regardless if it is on the street or in the woods, you need it NOW AND IN A HURRY!

Also, as a caveat, NEVER be “that guy” in this story that when your guide or your friend/family member is attacked by a bear or is in trouble in any way, you THROW them a gun and RUN AWAY! 

Yeah, Don’t be that guy.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Farnam Quips: Young Wolfhounds Be Prepared!

“War will find us, whether we are ready or not.” ~ Churchill

Successful Outcomes!

The American law-enforcement community, including the FBI, is now admitting that the recent history of terrorism clearly shows that the best deterrent, by far, is armed citizens.

Many, probably most, American citizens who own guns and go armed at least some of the time are neither adequately equipped, trained, nor practiced. When they attempt to access firearms during a personal emergency, they are typically indecisive, slow, clumsy, and inaccurate.

And yet, history has shown that even then they are usually effective in deterring/dissuading evil-doers.

This is because most VCAs (violent criminal actors), even Islamic terrorists (despite Hollywood’s false portrayal), are unintelligent, cowardly, incompetent amateurs, who characteristically break and run at the first indication of lethal resistance.

When dangerous criminals can thus be persuaded to precipitously abandon their villainous plans and subsequently run away, that usually represents a very good outcome.

Operators, well-equipped and well-trained, are an even better deterrent. We go armed all the time. Our equipment is superior. Our presentation is swift, smooth, and precise. Our verbal commands are clear and convincing. We don’t have UDs (unintentional discharges), and we don’t miss.

Operators practice the “stealth existence,” avoiding most toxic encounters. We live by the axiom:

“A superior Operator is best defined as one who uses his superior judgment to avoid circumstances that would require a display of his superior skills.”

Accordingly, most lethal encounters involve amateurs, not professionals.

However as noted above, even amateurs are usually successful, when they can get a gun in their hands within a reasonable amount of time.

The common denominator among “successful outcomes” is instant access to loaded guns.

The longer it takes for the good guy to get a gun, get it loaded, and put it into action, the likelihood of a “successful outcome” quickly deteriorates.

Many among the thousands of murdered farmers in South Africa died at the hands of vicious terrorists, while a safe, filled with guns that could have saved them, was nearby. Those guns never entered the equation, because they were, for all practical purposes, inaccessible.

The point lurking in the forgoing is this:

In this Age of Terrorism, all of us, both amateurs and professionals, have to become comfortable continuously living with, and carrying, loaded guns. Those who don’t have a seriously degraded the probability of living through their next lethal encounter.

“A young wolfhound will meet his first wolf some day, but when he acts the puppy, the wolf will surely kill him. The wolfhound must be a wolfhound in the wolf’s eyes, even more than in his own, if he is to survive.” ~ Robert Jordan

This article was copied with permission from John Farnam.

The Original Article can be found HERE.

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Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Armed Citizen Corner Video: Home Invasions On the Rise In the Deep South

From the Description:

Peachtree Corners, Ga. – Gwinnett County police are now releasing video from a home invasion  at the 3500 block of Spring Drive that happened around 4 a.m. on Sept. 16th.

The Homeowner can be seen charging at the men and opening fire, ultimately hitting and killing one. The deceased was later identified as 28-year-old Antonio Leeks.

The video shows that all three suspects were armed and because they are not wearing masks officials are hoping someone recognizes the remaining two who are currently still at large.

Another Home Invasion with an identical MO and outcome occurred in Choctaw, County Mississippi Thursday night.

If there is one assured fact in life, it is this:

Most Rural Southerners are Salt of the Earth folks. They will go out of their way to help you. But make no mistake, they are  HEAVILY ARMED and will defend their lives and property to the last bullet. Choosing to break into their homes therefore  is one of the most dumb-ass things you could ever do!

Needless to say there seems to be a rash of Home Invasions in Rural areas all across the Deep South right now and if you live in any of these area, the time to prepare was yesterday.

Short List:

  • Keep ALL your DOORS Locked at ALL TIMES. Regardless of what time it is, day or night.
  • Reinforce your Doors to withstand a “kick-in” type attack
  • Installing an Alarm System and CCTV Cameras is never a bad ideal, however, NEVER rely on an alarm system to Notify and/or “Protect” You (I say this because of how many “Urban Sheeple” believe this!)
  • Although Irwin suggest Keeping weapons “concealed” near entrances/exits in your home, for some folks due to having kids in the house, this is not an option. Best option here is to stay armed 24/7 and have ability to keep a weapon close while you sleep.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!