7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test

7.62x39mm Gel Test – 7 Loads Put to the Test


The Jello Test on seven common x39 loads.

If you ever want to get the scoop on Practical Penetration testing, check out fellow Texan and Firearms Zen Master Ole’ Painless over at the Box o’Truth.

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AK Corner: The Enigmatic Iraqi Tabuk AKs w/ Miles Vining

Today I am joined by Miles Vining from Silah Report to take a look at a selection of Tabuk pattern AKs. Tabuk was the name given to the whole family of domestically-produced Iraqi Kalashnikovs, which harbor a lot more mysteries than one might expect. 289 more words

The Enigmatic Iraqi Tabuk AKs w/ Miles Vining — Forgotten Weapons

Drillin’ with the Kalash

From the Archives, 2012

Been hitting the range lately and wanted to drop a few notes.

This is a guideline. Find what works for you and build your own list.

1. Learning to control the weapon is key. Forget in front of the magazine hold (as seen above) Adapt a full front hand guard grip with a torqueing or twisting motion. Adapt a stance that spreads the recoil evenly.

2. On Reloads, forget retaining empty mags. Underneath charging is the most efficient but work with all of them. The environment, or better yet, how disruptive the environment is, will determine that.

3. Using fresh mags to work the mag release lever can deform mags over time, using your thumb in the same manner will work if you drill on it.

4. If using a Red Dot on your gun, work on “Snapping the Dot”, or learning how/when/where your gun settles (and thusly your optic settles) after the shot is broke. Learn how tension in your core muscle groups effects this as well.

5. “Work out” your red dot to 300 yds. Know hold overs for your load type and gun.

As a sidebar, make sure your irons are on at this range too so in a pinch you can fall back to them.

6. Drill on Clearing Malfunctions while on move.

Failure to Fire, Failure to Extract, Failure to Feed. If it cannot be fixed quickly, find cover and fix it. If situation does not allow, transition to pistol, eliminate threat, then fix it.

7. Transitions

This is made way too big a deal of IMO, but do it however is most efficient for you. I favor two point slings for this very reason. Drop the chunk of wood and sheet metal that is not working and go to something that is.

8. Positional Drills

Making yourself a smaller target can never be drilled on enough.

Learn to shoot from every possible position and be able to reload and clear malfunctions from these positions as well. Always consider in a dynamic fight, MOVEMENT IS KEY.

Never place yourself in a position you cannot spring out of QUICKLY.

Finally, I have been hearing the term “Massive Consistency” a lot lately and I wanted to say something on that.

Never get too tied up with accuracy (as it relates to consistent PATTERNS in combat training) There is no such thing as a “NICE GROUP” in combat!

Consistency should be how we set up on the target and our fundamentals; this will deliver the best results. Your drills should strive to balance these two things: SPEED and ACCURACY, but you must always remember, shooting is a continuum where sometimes one thing is more needed than the other, learning to balance the deviation is our goal.

Never strive to be fast or accurate but a nice mix of the two. In reality, the more accurate you need to be, the more time you will take. In your drills you will see this.

You are MUCH faster at 15 yds than 75yds because you have to be!

Execute the fundamentals Consistently.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous.

Modifying the Kalash: A Basic AK Upgrade

Good practical suggestions the only other thing I would add is a Trigger Retainer Plate and a Quality Muzzle Brake if one is not already attached.

Here is my 2 cents on Practical AK Mods.


I’ve had a lot of questions concerning the AK platform since the last several articles I’ve written about it, and a lot of them revolve around modernizing the weapon. None of this is really anything new or revolutionary. in fact, the couple of mods I’m going to discuss here have been around for a looong time, but have become an industry standard for the high-end AK manufacturers such as Rifle Dynamics and Meridian Defense.

Palmetto State Armory’s PSAK, UW Gear Swamp Fox and Ontario RTAK II.

The first modification in bringing your Kalash to the modern era of combat is to ditch the wood for polymer. Yeah, I know, I’ve got a strong affinity for that classic look too, but anyone who’s put a lot of rounds through the AK rapidly knows that wood handguards get scorching hot in a hurry- so much so that they’re impossible to…

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Why the Kalashnikov Makes Sense


This article originally appeared on American Partisan and is even more relevant today than when I wrote it back in June. -NCS

The world is looking pretty rough. And with it, many are waking up to the reality of their situation. There’s gonna be a lot more time spent on the shooting range than the driving range. AntiFa, John Brown Gun Club and other spoiled, drug-addled, self loathing white kids are threatening to hit the suburbs in the next volley of civil unrest and the summer is young. All signs point to this getting worse before it gets better. This could be one of those times the old-time survivalists may be saying “shouldn’t be living there in the first place” and while I agree, there’s always going to be those coming to the party late. That part is not important; what is more important however is understanding…

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