Racial Reality 101

Nigeria Bans White Models From Appearing in Commercials


Gotta love 21st Century racial hypocrisy.

Of course they have to BAN White Women in Commercials in Africa, why?

Because they show the VAST disparity between the races when it comes to BEAUTY!


Put a five foot ten Nordic Blonde with Blue Eyes up against a Dirty Dindu with big lips, a bullet head and tits that drag the ground because she has had ten children before she was 20 and you will see what I mean.


Sri Lanka Going Mad Max

Sri Lanka Is “Grinding to a Halt” Amid Fuel Shortage, Inflation & Austerity, Prompting Mass Protests


Calling up Putin for some Fuel Imports was a nice touch and a dark harbinger of things to come for Europe and over populated Asia.


As Foretold: Europe’s Death Rattle


Europe’s Death Rattle: Part I

Europe’s Death Rattle, Part II


Once again a novel written in the 1970’s is becoming a prophetic clarion call to the survival of the white race.

Read Camp of the Saints Free HERE.


On This Day in History: The Battle of Arogee, 1868

“Never Give Way to Barbarians” The British Abyssinian Expedition of 1868: A Matter of Honor


The Abyssinian Expedition of 1868 was unlike any military campaign before or since.

Today, the idea that an entire expeditionary force could be raised to invade a country on another continent and just to rescue eight people might seem unthinkable; however, that is what happened as a matter of course at the height of the Victorian age.


Know Your History: The Fall of the Boers, An Honest Look



Really informative read on understanding the downfall of White South Africa and how we got to the current state of white genocide with the ANC murdering South African White Farmers.