Know Your History: The Fall of the Boers, An Honest Look



Really informative read on understanding the downfall of White South Africa and how we got to the current state of white genocide with the ANC murdering South African White Farmers.

Crime Awareness: Craze for Drug made from Catalytic Converters alarms Congo’s capital

Craze for Drug made from Catalytic Converters alarms Congo’s capital


Just goes to show the “War on Drugs” is useless. You can curtail the amounts of cocaine and heroin on the street but the junkies will just find something else to shove in their veins and kill themselves.

Good Riddance I Say.


A Letter to White Americans

A Letter to White Americans


“In South Africa, conservatives were called far right, fascists, divisive, haters, intolerant. By nature, conservatives are not wild men in the streets, but you must act. The “progressive” philosophy sounds good, but it takes you into quicksand. We know. We saw it here. We lost. Don’t let your country slip through your fingers.”

Sound Familiar?

Ignore at your own peril.

Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide.