The Legend of Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Hoare

I remember reading Congo Mercenary while deployed many moons back.

This guy was the stuff of legend.

Europe Renaissance

Mercenary ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare (1919-2022) was perhaps the best-known of the European mercenaries who fought in the Congo Crisis (1960-1965).  Born to Irish parents in Calcutta he was educated in England. A rarity for mercenaries who spend their lives on the frontlines, Hoare, at 101 years old seemingly benefited from the unstinting devotion of a very special and caring guardian angel. A veteran of numerous conflicts, Mike Hoare earned his spurs as an officer in the London Irish Rifles.

What does an army captain do when World War II becomes history? He becomes a chartered accountant of course. When led by Europeans prosperous and peaceful South Africa was a magnet for many disenchanted Britons. Mike Hoare was no exception. The amiable demobbed Brit set up a charted accountant’s business in South Africa.

As a South African citizen, Mike Hoare combined his sense of adventure and soldierly know-how to organise safaris…

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Blaxitis a social movement that promotes the expatriation ofBlack/African-African Americans from the United States to destinations abroad. The term Blaxit was coined in the wake ofBrexitby academic, journalist, and human rights consultant Dr. Ulysses Burley III. The term combines Black and Exit to form Blaxit in the same manner that Brexit describes the British Exit from theEuropean Union.

The creation ofLiberiawas a reaction among emancipated Black Americans in the 1820s.Kevin Gaines, the Julian Bond professor of Civil Rights and Social Justice at theUniversity of Virginia, said around 15,000 emancipated and freeborn American Blacks emigrated between the 1820s and the Civil War period and beyond.Other Black Americans emigrated to Canada, which had been a “beacon of freedom” for Black Americans from the time of the Revolutionary War, with hundreds of fugitive enslaved people emigrating by 1830 and more emigrating after…

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Boers, Beans, Bullets and Bear Soup

Boers, Beans, Bullets, and Bear Soup – Parts  1 & 2


Nifty two part series on the history, tactics and arms of the Boers.

Note: Although I disagree with many of the author’s opinions regarding rifle and caliber choices, as I have grown older I have found the best advice to new shooters is to find what works for you, ie what you can shoot accurately, reliably and consistently.

After that, go TRAIN and after that, go TRAIN somebody else!

Remember: The most Dangerous thing in the world is a Well Trained Rifleman, so get out there and GET AFTER IT!



Racial Reality 101

Nigeria Bans White Models From Appearing in Commercials


Gotta love 21st Century racial hypocrisy.

Of course they have to BAN White Women in Commercials in Africa, why?

Because they show the VAST disparity between the races when it comes to BEAUTY!


Put a five foot ten Nordic Blonde with Blue Eyes up against a Dirty Dindu with big lips, a bullet head and tits that drag the ground because she has had ten children before she was 20 and you will see what I mean.