More Afghan Sexual Assaults

Bahrullah Noori

Afghan Evacuee Allegedly Assaulted Minor Boys at Ft. McCoy


This is what happens when you bring a bunch of inbred muslims who have been fucking chickens, goats and donkeys into a proper civilization.

You better hope they put you in isolation Bahrullah.


Biden’s Afghans Sexually Assault US Service Member

Biden’s Afghans Sexually Assault US Service Member


So it’s official.

Instead of:

“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

It is now:

“Give me your criminals, your rapist, your sexual deviants, your incognito terrorist, yearning to pillage and destroy the infidel’s land.”

Is it really any surprise folks?

Remember this video?

Jihad by Migration

The Afghans are Coming!


It’s so massive we are having to deploy troops DOMESTICALLY at military bases all over the country (including at Fort Hood in my home state of Texas) to help contain them.

FYI: It’s NEVER a good thing when U.S. Troops are deployed Domestically folks, regardless of the reason.

Jihad by Migration is happening in real time AGAIN both in America and Europe and if you understand and respect History you know what happens next:

If you have not come to the conclusion that the Morons in Charge want to Destroy Western White Civilization brick by brick by opening the flood gates to the Barbarians, here is your Wake Up Call.

Prepare Accordingly.