Shoot Em’ To The Ground!

Greenwood hero is a freaking stud… Fired 10 rounds, neutralized shooter in 15 seconds…


Dicken first engaged Sapirman from 40 yards away with a Glock 9mm and scored a solid hit!

Dicken went on to fire 9 more rounds, only missing twice! (80% percent hit ratio).

Outstanding shooting!

Dicken followed the Golden Rule of Defensive Shooting: Keep Shooting until the Threat is DOWN!

Ask Yourself: Could you repeat this feat if it happened to you?

Remember: Dicken was a 22 year old civilian with no formal training!

Let’s all follow this young man’s lead and take the initative to make Firearms Training a lifestyle, not a “hobby” and ALWAYS CARRY 24/7!



Yeah Good People With Guns Can Make a Difference

Good Guy With Gun Takes out Shooter in Indiana Mall Shooting, Saves Untold Number of Innocent Lives


Train Hard and Realistically and Carry 24/7.

The World is a Dangerous Place.

There are No Excuses for being a Sheep.




Shocking! Chicago July 4th Parade Shooter was a Liberal!


With 6 Dead and 30 Wounded the shooter Looks like another over medicated confused soy-boy.

What a Surprise.


Be Careful What You Wish For

Uvalde Updates

People have been clamoring for kinder, gentler, less militarized cops for the last 15 years. 

This is the result. 

As my friend Darryl Bolke says: “You get the police department you deserve.” 

When you reward and promote inept cowards, yes-men, and suck-ups because they never used force or screwed up in the field, you get police chiefs like Pete Arredondo.

Remember, these are the folks you are calling to help you in your worst moments.

As I’ve said before, you are on your own. No one is coming to save you.

Texas News: Another Black Gunman Killed at Dallas Children’s Camp

Police in Texas fatally shoot armed “man” at youth day camp


Notice the WaPo piece conveniently did not identify the gunman as black but our local news went ahead and told the truth that he was in fact black as the ace of spades.

Looks like we got ourselves a bonafide Black and Brown Mass Shooter Epidemic Joe, you want to re-think that White Supremacy thing now?

Prepare Accordingly Folks.