Armed Citizens Uses Rifle to Stop Attempted Mass Shooting

Armed Citizens Uses Rifle to Stop Attempted Mass Shooting


H/T Active Response Training

An unconventional use of “urban sniping” skills.

Bad guy kills resident and barricades himself inside her apartment before firing from inside towards people walking outside.

I thought about this one.  If that was happening in my neighborhood, what gun would I choose?  I have a couple sniper rifles and they would work well, but I’d probably grab my primary AR-15 just in case the situation went more mobile.  I have an LPVO on that AR-15 and I think this is another scenario that proves the utility of that concept over a red dot.

Trim the Upper Lip Followers of Allah…


So dudes with Shaved Mustaches with Beards are BAD, got it.

I don’t know about you, but my notebook is getting full with all these new 2021 rules.

I really miss the good ole days when the bad guys were a lot easier to spot.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


More Black on White Crime: Two Black Women Shoot a White Woman in Movie Theater

Pair Accused of Shooting Woman Who Shushed Them in Atlanta Movie Theater


The Shooters: Two ghetto ratchet POS.

I stay away from movie theaters and other large public gathering spots as a general rule but when I did go I made it a point not to get into any arguments after that incident in Florida in 2014.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


3 Killed in New Orleans Gun Store Shooting

Customers, staff fired back in gun store shooting; 3 dead


As always the police are being very ambiguous/secretive about the RACE/ETHNICITY of the shooter.

In case you did not hear, a similar incident happened three days ago in Philadelphia when a “shooter” (again race/ethnicity unidentified) shot and wounded eight people near a train station.

I would not be surprised if both of these shooters were Black as the ace of spades and prayed to Allah.

Take Note that if it had not been for ARMED and ALERT Louisiana Citizens the body count would have been much higher.

It Pays to Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Shooting People in the Face Drill, Revisited

From the Archives, 2018

While training the other day I put in 20 rounds on the tried and true Mozambique or “Failure to Stop” Drill.

After I ran through the drill once I realized something: I had trained myself to PAUSE between the transition from the two shots to Center of Mass to the shot to the Cranial T (Head) Why?

When this drill first came on the scene back in the day via Jeff Cooper, it was being taught primarily to Federal Law Enforcement who, in turn, after a while, begin to teach it to Armed civilians. The drills’ origins centered around an armed suspect who was HIGH on drugs and not going down immediately after being shot twice in the Center of Mass. Therefore, putting a shot through the brain stem and severing all motor functions was necessary.

The “Pause” between the transition shot from the body to the head was mainly a Force Continuum/Use of Lethal Force aspect Cops were being trained to follow. “Use only the LEAST Amount of Force necessary to subdue the suspect” or, in other words, don’t shoot the son of a bitch in the head if you don’t have to.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and we now have Terrorist and Criminals like the Dallas mass shooter Brian Isaack Clyde and the Ohio Mass Shooter Connor Betts just to name a couple suited up with body armor making the Mozambique/Failure to Stop more of a necessary skill than ever before for BOTH Law Enforcement and the Armed Citizen.


Bottom Line: Training to give the shooter ANY advantage in the fight is STUPID, even if that advantage is a one to two second pause in our cadence of fire.

Therefore, eliminating the “Pause” between the transition from the body to the head in this drill is a practical refinement we all need to adopt when running it.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!