Studying the Historic Gunfighters

Studying the Historic Gunfighters


Really decent Reading List of Books Dealing with 20th Century Gunfighters of the Old West.


Drawing Your Pistol While Seatbelted in a Vehicle: Click It or Ticket?

Drawing Your Pistol While Seatbelted in a Vehicle: Click It or Ticket?


This goes back to my previous article about Vehicle Security

We spend a LOT OF TIME in our Vehicles, often times more than we think.

Therefore, drilling on self-defense scenarios while driving are extremely important.

From my experience, situations like this (while inside a vehicle) are extremely fluid and complex.

Before we even start thinking about drawing our weapon we need to consider if EGRESS is possible?

I have always said that the 2 ton vehicle you are driving TRUMPS the 29 oz handgun you are carrying!

Consider and Know the Legalities in your State. In Texas, The Castle Doctrine states my vehicle is part of my domicile.

As far as the actual handgun drill, it needs to be drilled on 80/20.

80% dry fire to 20% live fire. Why? Repeition in Presenting the Firearm is the crux of the drill.

Regardless of how you choose to approach it (seatbelt off before or after) DRILL on it the same way, EVERY TIME until it is Smooth and free of snags.

Stay Dangerous!

Handgun Bullet Penetration Through Interior Walls

Handgun Bullet Penetration Through Interior Walls


Some great practical ammunition penetration figures.

If you have not bookmarked it by now, check out my fellow Texan’s website Box o’Truth for some practical penetration testing and some great Firearms articles.


Avoiding Surprise Attacks

Avoiding Surprise Attacks


Some good practical advice in the age of the “Electronic pacifier” (cell phones, tablets, etc.)

“Who naively believe that their personal safety can be effectively “managed” by others, is a fool”! -John Farnam.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


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