This Summer, Remember the Rooftop Koreans


I gotta be honest folks, from the looks of things from my front porch here at the Ponderosa in Texas, FUSA is about to enter a special type of Tom Fuckery this summer.

Not only are you going to have the orchestrated street violence and “protest” of the baby killing Far Left but you are also going to have the Worst Black Crime Wave in a decade joining along with it, not to mention the worst Illegal Immigration INVASION ever recorded in American History.

We are talking gangs of pre-teen Dindu’s running amok and terrorizing downtown East Coast shitholes.

In times like these it’s important to remember your Modern History:


You see there is a reason that thirty years later we are still talking about the Rooftop Koreans. Why?

Simple: They took a Stand and refused to be a Victim.

They’re Alive and the other assholes are Dead.

That’s how You Win.

Go and Do Likewise.




FUSA Bulletin: The “Law” Only Applies When it Serves the Neo-Liberal Agenda

Pro-Abortion Activists Hold Crazed Protests At Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts Homes


(H/T Eat Gruel Dog)

We have to understand that Violent Left and the Globo-Homo cabal that supports them are no longer playing by the rules.

Those “Rules” and “Laws” have effectively been thrown out the window.

Prepare Accordingly.

It’s going to be a Busy Summer.


Texas News: Texas heartbeat Law has cut abortions in half, saved 15,000 babies: report

Texas heartbeat law has cut abortions in half, saved 15,000 babies: report

I applaud Governor Abbott for seeing this bill through.

Even if it only saved ONE LIFE, that is enough in my opinion.

Life is Precious, FIGHT for it!

Legacy of 7 Justices: More Than 62 Million Dead Babies

H/T American Partisan


Legacy of 7 Justices: More Than 62 Million Dead Babies


Me and my family are praying fervently that Roe v Wade is overturned.

It will do nothing to save this Country from the IMMORAL ABYSS to which it is headed, but it will save INNOCENT lives.