RKBA News: Charleston Church Shooting Victims File Lawsuit Against FBI For Allowing Shooter to Buy Gun

This case Supports the Position that the United States DOES NOT NEED more Gun Laws and/or Restrictions, we just NEED Federal Law Enforcement to ENFORCE the LAWS that are in PLACE and DO THEIR JOB. You cannot “legislate” the Problem away when the ENFORCEMENT side is going to constantly fail. The Current Gun Laws that are on the Books and some of the most RESTRICTIVE IN THE WORLD AND THEY WORK WHEN THEY ARE ENFORCED!

The Orlando Shooting and Omar Mateen is yet another glaring example. Mateen was interviewed Three Seperate Times by the FBI and yet his name was not  FLAGGED with the ATF? Florida Gun Shop Owner calls the FBI about “Suspicious” activity involving Mateen asking question about Body Armour and Large Amounts of rifle ammo and yet Nothing Happens?

Bottom Line is that We have an ENFORCEMENT problem, NOT a LEGISLATIVE Problem.

And The Fed’s can whine all day about “Not Having Enough Counter-Terrorism Resources” to effectively do the job, but how does CREATING MORE GUN LAWS that do nothing but HURT AND HINDER LEGALLY ARMED CITIZENS Help the situation?

And While we are on “EFFECTIVE COUNTER-TERRORISM” how about we overhaul or Broken and Stpid Immigration System and STOP LETTING TERRORIST INTO THIS COUNTRY?? -SF



A group of survivors and family members of victims killed in the Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston, SC have filed a lawsuit against the FBI.  The petition alleges the Bureau’s negligence allowed the shooter, Dylan Roof, to purchase a firearm despite his prior drug arrest.

The Associated Press attorney, Andy Savage, who represents several of the plaintiffs, said the lawsuit was filed because a proper background check would have turned up Roof’s drug arrest and prevented him from purchasing the weapon used in the attack.

“In this case, you had an unqualified purchaser that slipped through the cracks,” Savage said to the AP. “And the result is what happened on June 17.”

The report states law enforcement officials have previously admitted that mistakes were made in the processing of Roof’s background check.  According to Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon, Roof’s drug arrest was incorrectly entered into the state database by a jail clerk.  When Roof applied to purchase the handgun, the FBI reportedly noticed the arrest, but called the wrong agency seeking more information.  Having never received any follow up information about the arrest, the purchase went through as required under the current waiting period laws.

Last summer, FBI Director James Comey also acknowledged that Roof’s application should have been denied and he promised to conduct a full investigation into the matter.

Roof is currently in jail awaiting death penalty trials at both the state and federal level.  The attack in June 2015 killed nine people and wounded five more.

The lawsuit was filed under the Federal Tort Claims Act, which provides a limited waiver of sovereign immunity and allows citizens to sue the federal government in certain circumstances.

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Profiles in Courage: “He Was One Of Us”

Not sure if any of you caught this story last night on ABC News, but it was a good’un.

It is stories like this that as a historian and veteran, I absolutely love to learn about, mostly because you won’t find it in any official history books.

I did some digging and found this amazing article on Nguyen Hoang Minh and the SEAL’s he helped to save. As you read it this Memorial Day, say a little prayer for this humble little Vietnamese Man and his family…because of him so many American soldiers got to come home from that bloody War. What an Amazing and Noble legacy to have! -SF


Echoes from the Jungle

By Mike Hixenbaugh

July 26, 2015

Reporting from My Tho, Vietnam

The last time Rick Woolard left Vietnam, he didn’t think to say goodbye to the South Vietnamese interpreter who had guided his Navy SEAL platoon on dozens of hair-raising missions through enemy territory.

 “I figured I’d see him again on the next tour,” Woolard says.

But there was no next tour. After years of combat and hundreds of nighttime raids – missions that would help shape SEAL tactics for decades – the U.S. began pulling out of Vietnam in the early 1970s. The American public, it seemed, was ready to move on.

Woolard and his teammates moved on, too. Some left the service after the war, settled down, started families. Others, like Woolard, continued serving with the SEAL teams, through the Cold War and into the 1990s, helping shape a little-known special operations force into one of the most celebrated military units in history.

 “Relatively speaking, we’ve all lived pretty comfortable lives since the war,” says Woolard, who went on to become one of the first commanders of Naval Special Warfare Development Group, the Virginia Beach-based unit known as SEAL Team 6.

“We left Vietnam and got on with our lives,” Woolard says.

Nguyen Hoang Minh, the teammate they left behind, wasn’t as fortunate.

He had been so much more than an interpreter. Like the SEALs he worked for, Minh painted his face green and carried a gun on missions. He cussed and drank and chased women like one of the guys. At least once, his blood pooled on the floor of a rescue helicopter, mixing with the blood of his SEAL teammates.

“He was one of us,” Woolard says.

Only, he didn’t get to leave when the war ended.

Woolard and other SEALs were decorated with medals for their bravery; Minh was punished. He was arrested by North Vietnamese soldiers weeks after the South surrendered in 1975, then spent two years in a prison camp. In the decades that followed, he worked a series of back-breaking jobs, earning barely enough to feed his family.

Minh, a folk hero in early Navy SEAL lore, lived a peasant’s life.

In March, Woolard and Pete Peterson, another former SEAL, went back to Vietnam, returning for the first time to the communist country where they once fought.

They went to tell Minh they hadn’t forgotten about him.

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Israeli Stabbing Victim Taylor Force was US Army Veteran

I seem to remember no-bama and Kerry being warned that lifting sanctions on Iran and thereby giving them BILLIONS to use for TERRORISM across the globe would have DIRE consequences for America, and our allies, most notably Israel…and now it is all coming to pass.

How about the American Government start anteing up and start helping our ALLY Israel combat this epidemic of violence?!  Now Iran (Hezbollah and Hamas) is financing and motivating these so called “Palestinians” to commit wanton acts of terror on Israeli civilians, police and military..and now it has cost an American Life. And What will be America’s response? a Tweet from the Vice-President? Not even our Own President has the courtesy to say a few words? The Reason: Because One, He Hates Israel and Two He knows he helped contribute to this young man’s death by bolstering Israel’s enemies. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Force Family. May your Son get the Justice He Deserves Very Soon.-SF

Taylor Force

After deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, Texas native Taylor Force made a life change last fall when he enrolled in Vanderbilt University’s MBA program.

A school-sponsored trip this week to Israel was an opportunity to see the country’s growing startup scene.

But on Tuesday night, while out in the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Jaffa, in an Arab-Jewish quarter, a Palestinian man went on a stabbing rampage that left Force dead and 10 others wounded, police said.

Force, 28, was the only Vanderbilt student harmed.

“He was a great kid,” father Stuart Force told The Associated Press.

The incident was at least the fourth in a burst of violence that gripped Israel Tuesday — on the same day Vice President Joe Biden landed for high-level talks with Israeli and Palestinian officials. Two Israeli police were attacked when a Palestinian opened fire near Jerusalem’s Old City. The suspect was killed.

Earlier, a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli in the neck in the central city of Petah Tikvah before he was shot and killed, police said, while a Palestinian woman who tried to stab Israeli security forces in the Old City was also killed.

In remembering Force, Vanderbilt University Chancellor Nicholas Zeppos said he “exemplified the spirit of discovery.”

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“This horrific act of violence has robbed our Vanderbilt family of a young hopeful life and all of the bright promise that he held for bettering our greater world,” Zeppos said in a message to students and faculty.

Force graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and served in the Army from 2009 to 2014, according to his LinkedIn page. He had been based at Fort Hood, Texas, as a platoon leader and fire support officer, among other duties.

Force went to high school at New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell and was an Eagle Scout, according to the LinkedIn page. At West Point, Force was a member of the ski team and received a bachelor’s degree in engineering and industrial management.

In an interview with the MBA website Poets & Quants in November, Force said he was excited for his future going back to school.

In addition to learning the skills needed to be successful in business, I want to establish life-long connections and friendships with my fellow students from the U.S. and around the globe,” he said.

State Department spokesman John Kirby condemned the attacks Tuesday and offered his “heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Taylor and all those affected by these senseless attacks.”

Biden also tweeted in response that “there is no justification for such acts of terror.”

Zeppos said Vanderbilt is arranging for the other students’ and staff members’ return to the United States.

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Propaganda Alert: Exploiting Tragedy and the Continuing Agenda to Disarm America Bullet by Bullet

By Hammerhead


The latest tragedy in San Bernardino, California where a jihadist terrorist couple walked into a Christmas Party at the husbands place of work and shot down 14 people in cold blood is just another CHANCE for the no-bama administration to ride the political wave of “public sentiment and anger” toward both terrorism and guns.

Those that have been around the RKBA movement for some time know that the liberals always have a Plan B and C when it comes to Gun “Control” and trampling on our Second Amendment Rights. When the libs get stonewalled on passing stricter gun laws in congress and the Senate, they move on to attacking the ways civilians obtain ammunition and high capacity magazines. You don’t have to think back too far to see their most recent attempts at this lunacy.

Now There are several things about this massacre in California that are strange and frankly just don’t add up, (just like the Sandy Hook Massacre) but the main thing I want to bring to your attention today is this latest PROPAGANDA PIECE that is on continuous loop on all the propaganda news networks of a virtual media circus being allowed into the home of the Terrorist to roam freely, take video and photos. (Something that is unheard of in recent memory).

ammo list

Note in the above video at around 1:10 you see them ZOOM IN on a supposed “Inventory List” the FBI “left behind”  (how convenient of them to leave this list for the media to find) of items removed from the home. About halfway down are several entries for LARGE AMOUNTS OF AMMUNITION in various quantities. Some of the entries I have seen in other reports list retail receipts like an ammo and accessory purchase from Texas online retailer Cheaper than Dirt.

They of course follow this up with a picture like the one above of ammo that was taken from the home and vehicle of the shooters and also repeat that the shooter had over “6,100 rounds” of “Assault Rifle” Ammunition, and just for good measure,  during a tour of one of the bedrooms, they zoom in on a bottle of Rem Gun Oil sitting next to a baby bottle. Dramatic enough for you?

I don’t think I need to explain this any further.

Guys, the fact of the matter is we now live in a Country where the Govt, can at will, use their “Public Information Arm” of the media (or should is Say “Dis-information”) to spread blatant propaganda to help propel their agenda of disarming America if not with stricter gun laws, then with stricter laws prohibiting the online purchase of ammunition or the purchase of large amounts of ammunition.

My prediction is in the weeks to come we will see a full court press on the ammunition issue by the Libs and ultimately, an “Executive Action” by the President.

Totalitarianism in action Folks.


Stay Armed, Stay Alert and Stay Dangerous!