Know Your Weapons and Ammo: The AK-74 and the 5.45×39

These guys know their stuff, a worthy 19 minute investment.

Know Your Weapons: The MAS 49/56

29 mph winds? I would have called it and came back when the Hurricane was gone, but still a decent shoot.

The discussion with Ian from Forgotten Weapons about the similarities of the 7.5 French to the 7.62 NATO is awesome.

Pay Attention, you just might learn something.


Dragunov SVD (Chinese Type 85/NDM86) – Cold War Sniper Perfection

Being a Military Arms Historian and a Cold War History Nut, I am a big fan of 9-Hole Reviews YouTube Channel.

They do some excellent testing of various rifle systems out to practical combat distances.

This is a Two-fer, the first vid is a 13 minute mini-doc on the Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle and the second is the range testing of the rifle.