Monitoring Chinese Satellite Systems

Earlier in the month I covered information on China’s new GPS system, called BeiDou, with its primary purpose to modernize China’s guided weapon systems. Using satellite navigation is hardly anything new or revolutionary, but the system itself exists to negate the PLA’s reliance on foreign systems not under their control- namely, the US’ GPS and…

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In this emerging global environment, an even deadlier Covid-20 would become a nearly ideal weapon of mass destruction, because unlike nuclear-tipped ICBMs, its Chinese origins would be deniable and unprovable. The Chinese Communist Party would claim that Covid-20 was a natural mutation that sprang up in the West. They would be able sit back and…


China’s Version of GPS is Almost Complete

China’s version of GPS is almost complete. Here’s what that means


Keeping an eye on China.

From their Tech Developments to Military Exercises, it all means something.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

As the World Is Distracted, Boko Haram Terrorists Strike a Key Western Ally

Keep an eye on Africa and ISIS..aka Boko Haram.


The battle against jihadi terrorism in Africa takes one of its deadliest turns yet, with consequences far beyond the region.

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General Badass… — CITIZEN FREE PRESS

The Chess pieces are beginning to move…

The zombie apocalypse survival homestead

No-nonsense General Milley President Trump and Defense Secretary Esper announce major deployment of U.S. military to interdict narcotics trafficking from Central America. Full story from Sundance…

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Philadelphia Police To Leave Law Unenforced During Extended ‘Crisis’

From my friend NC Scout and the good folks over at American Partisan.

I urge all my readers that are having to “hunker down in place” to use your free time wisely and visit sites like American Partisan and start your training now!  Some really good information and resources there including podcast.

Remember, The Brain is the Final Weapon, all else is Supplemental.

I’ve been sounding the warning on who would take advantage of this crisis for a while now, even pointing out what Raleigh’s chapter of AntiFa did in the last episode of Radio Contra. The liberal policies of the police administrations in all of the major cities of the US is creating the very ripe conditions…

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Trojan horse tears

More on the islamic invasion of Western Europe via Greece.

Historically we have seen the use of Propaganda and Fake News as a staple of Jihad by Migration tactics.

Same Bullshit, Different Day.


Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Vox Day turned out to be right… again.

Sink the boats, all of them.

Especially the first.

Now open invasion, and Europe deserves it. Stop the welfare spigot.

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