Timely FUSA Fiction Collection

Note from TTH: With Matters growing Worse by the Day regarding gun rights, I wanted to put together a small collection of Fiction stories from around the inter-web that would definitely be worth your time to read and heed and then pass on to somebody you care about.

Time is Short. Prepare Accordingly!



Children Of The Free States

By The Good Citizen


Children of The Free States #2

By The Good Citizen





Unintended Consequences

By John Ross




The Partisan Ledger Part 1

By The Tactical Hermit


The Partisan Ledger Part 2

By The Tactical Hermit


The Partisan Ledger Part 3

By The Tactical Hermit



More Government Sanctioned Black Thuggery

BLM Marcher Pulls Gun on Motorist During Michigan ‘Protest’ After Police Shooting


With all that has happened in the past few months with the Black Mass Shootings and now a re-surgence in BLM and black militant activity, it’s obvious the current Neo-Liberal Globalist agenda and intent is to spark some type of racial conflict in this country which will serve to justify more ridiculous firearms legislation and further pillaging of what is left of the Second Amendment.

I am Not going to be a Shill or a Stooge but at the same time I am not going to be a Statistic either.

If you are White and not Armed I highly recommend you get Armed ASAP.


Know Your Weapons: The Luty 9mm SMG

The Legacy of Philip Luty Lives on.

Prepare Accordingly and Arm Yourself. (Schematics in Link above)


Rittenhouse Memes


Rittenhouse Memes


With Kyle Rittenhouse on trial for his life for simply defending himself, I thought it would be honorable to post some memes.

PLEASE Share these far and wide and let’s show our support for a TRUE American Hero, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Halloween Tokyo Subway Attack by Knife Wielding Man dressed as “Joker”

Tokyo Subway Attack: 17 Injured, No Gun Needed


Once again proving Mental Illness does not need a GUN to wreak havoc, but if you want to STOP a knife wielding whacko, a GUN comes in real handy.