A Message To Australia

As far as being ARMED, Not Being ABLE and not being ALLOWED are two completely different things.

Learn the Difference.

Having the Ability and Means to Protect Yourself and Your Family Should be an Internationally Protected Human Right. Most of the Places that are suffering from Human Rights Violations via an oppressive Government or Criminal Organization (Drug Cartels) are typically living off an unarmed populace.

We must Understand History. The correlation between a Government or a Group DISARMING a populace is almost always immediately followed by the Govt. or Group turning that Populace into some kind of Resource. (Forced Labor, Medical Experiments, Mass Extermination.)

(Ed Calderon)

Australian Army Begins Transferring COVID-Positive Cases, Contacts To Quarantine Camps


Time to Stand up and Fight

DO NOT Get on those Trucks or Trains Willingly



We are at Stage 7


Australia disarmed it’s Citizens a while back, but where there is a WILL, there is WAY!

Arm Yourself!

22LR “Punch Gun”

Made from Materials you can easily purchase at local hardware store for under $3.00 AUD

Labelled “The bane of the New South Wales Police service.”

To a Guerilla That is Codespeak for:

“Go Make yourself One of these Bad Boys!”