The Curio and Relic 2 Gun Competition!

I thought this was a fun watch.

Not so long ago I ran a similar course we named “World War 2 Two Gun”

First we ran with it with Wermacht Issue: K98 Mauser and a P-38. Second time we ran it with the U.S. Loadout:  M1 Garand and the GI Issue 1911 .45.

As predicted my time was slightly better with the Garand versus the bolt action K98, but not by much. You have to remember that both rifles reload by stripper clips and that was what slowed me down on both rifles.

If you drill enough with the K98, you can become really EFFICIENT on it, and by that I mean finding the right balance between speed (working the bolt) and accuracy (letting the front sight post come to rest on your target with a 6 o’clock hold.)

Oh yeah we didn’t do the Kettle Bell thing…

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!