Original Short Fiction

As inspiration hits me, this list will grow, so please check back regularly.

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A Border Reckoning

A Border Redemption (Chapter 1)

A Border Redemption (Chapter 2)

A Border Redemption (Chapter 3)

A Border Redemption (Chapter 4)

A Border Redemption (Chapter 5)

The Final Letter


Modern Crime Thrillers

Double-Blind (Chapter 1)

Double-Blind (Chapter 2)

Double-Blind (Chapter 3)

Double-Blind (Chapter 4)

Double-Blind (Chapter 5)

Vengeance Burn Brightly 

The Year of the Knife


World War II Spy Thrillers

The X-Code and the Genie (Chapter 1)

The X-Code and the Genie (Chapter 2)

The X-Code and the Genie (Chapter 3)


General Stories

His Blood Flows Through My Veins