Conan the Barbarian Script Deep-Dive

Conan the Barbarian 


An interesting and detailed examination of John Milius and Oliver Stone’s masterpiece script that forever changed the historical action movie genre.



Surviving Winter: A Mountain Man Pictorial Tribute

Surviving Winter


As a writer I very often rely on True West Magazine to supply me with both information and inspiration for my short stories and novels.

This pictorial tribute of Surviving Winter went a long way in helping me get started on a follow up to my “Red Tail” Jack Patterson Mountain Man series.

You can read the first installment of this series titled “Medicine Gun” HERE.



Writers Not Writing

Don’t ask me why, but this post reminded me of the TRAP of procrastination when it comes to writing.

It’s not called the “Battle of the blank page” for nothing folks!

Oh well, have a laugh and then go forward and conquer!

I especially liked the ones of Hemmingway and Burroughs….👍😄


Travel Between The Pages

Vonnegut waiting for a lift
Albert Camus dancing
Nabakov chasing butterflies
Charles Bukowski mowing the lawn
Hemingway playing kick the can
Orwell fondling his sword
Burroughs getting wasted at his 69th birthday bash


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