Breaking Report: The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro… is prepared to invoke Article 142

Breaking Report: The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro… is prepared to invoke Article 142


I am really hoping Justice can prevail down in Brazil but as a student of World History and Central and South American Politics, I know nothing is going to happen of any consequence without things getting BLOODY.

Bolsonaro has exhausted every civil and legal means at his disposal but the fact that the system is corrupt and stacked against him leaves him with the only practical option of KILLING the system.

In other words, a COUP.

As the old saying goes:

“A Man’s rights rest in three boxes: The Ballot box, the Jury Box and the Cartridge Box.”

The Ballot and Jury Box have proven to be ridiculously Corrupt.

That leaves the Cartridge Box to make things right.

However it turns out I think Brazil is an object lesson for FUSA.

Action beats Reaction, and you can either sit on your ass and bitch and moan about Election Tampering or you can get off your ass and DO SOMETHING.

It’s that simple folks.

You want something different than the status quo? Well then you are going to have do Something Different to obtain those results.

If you don’t 2024 is just going to be another repeat of 2020 regardless if Trump or DeSantis run or not.

Nobody is coming to save you from this mess, including our own embarrassing Military.





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Brazil Freedom Fighters –on Frontlines in War against Globalists

Don’t you Wish FUSA had one-third of the balls the People of Brazil have in standing up to election corruption fuckery?

Yeah Me Too.

Greencrow as the crow flies

Capital City Brasilia on Republic Day November 15, 2022 Some reports say the Crowds in the Streets of Brazilian cities are the largest ever in world history. A Crowd of 3 million gathered recently to mark Brazil Republic Day

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Update: Far Left Brazilian Supreme Court Orders Banks to block funds of businessmen who supported the protesters in mass democracy rallies – Protesters Stand Strong!

By Jim Hoft published November 17, 2022


Good afternoon readers. It’s been weeks now since the fraudulent selection for President of Brazil took place.

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