Western Culture on a Path to Racial Extinction

Europe Renaissance

Deputy IRGC Commander-in-Chief for Coordination General Mohammad-Reza Naghdi said in a March 31, 2022 interview (Ofogh TV Iran) that Europeans are losing their national identity and are headed for extinction due to the negative population growth in Europe.

He said that Western countries preach to other societies how they should conduct themselves, yet Westerners are not getting married or having children. As a result, he said, the West is headed towards extinction and is forced to ‘import’ populations from Africa and other parts of the world.

Naghdi gave the example of France’s national soccer and basketball teams, which he said comprised mostly of Africans. He predicted that in a few years, the European race will exist only in museums and that if the African immigrants to Europe embrace the Western lifestyle, they too will be headed for extinction.

Interviewer:’If I am not mistaken, you expressed an opinion about the…

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Know Your White South African History: The Battle of Blood River (1838)

On This Day in History: The Battle of Blood River


I find it fascinating that white settlers fighting off savages to try and make a better life for their families is not just a purely American story!

Manifest Destiny applies to White’s Everywhere!

For further reading on the subject, check out Origins of the Battle of Blood River 1838.


Denmark is Paving the Way in How to Reject Globalism and Keep Your National Identity

Overview of Denmark’s Identity Model

Really superb article and a blueprint for success for any other European country that truly desires to maintain it’s National Identity and Sovereignty from Globo-Homo.




Diversity Watch

Diversity Watch


Successful societies become bloated. It is not that they become weak, but that so many weak people appear that a market for delusion is created.

Their wealth is not the cause of their problems, but it allows the weak to survive and prosper, just like technology does. 

In other words, we see two models of civilization:

One optimizes production and dies by bloating; the other optimizes control and dies by fighting over control. Obviously the former triumphed with the rise of the West, but it remains to be seen if it can resist the many attempts to dominate it, including most likely from within, since that is what took down the Greek and Roman states as well as Aethelred II.

We might call these models “supply-based” and “demand-based.” Supply-based systems seek to increase production, creativity, and invention, even if these are not equally distributed and therefore a hierarchy of wealth, power, and status emerges; demand-based societies aim to give things to their citizens in order to enforce unity, and therefore need more tax targets. The West has always been supply-based, at least until the most recent conquest, and the rest of the world especially the third world appears to be demand-based.

Our political shift toward egalitarianism, starting with the French Revolution but accelerating after WW2, changed us from a supply-based organic society to a demand-based modern state run for the perpetuity of government, not the perpetuity of the civilization or its best citizens.






The Evolution of White People

The Evolution of White People


“Nationalism is of course a political ideology, but it is nonetheless an ideology based essentially on a group’s own biological interest. Understanding the history of ourselves from an evolutionary perspective was pretty difficult up until the advent of Ancient DNA studies, with the first accurate papers being released as late as 2015 in regards to European lineages.

For every liberal argument about immigration in the past, there is a reactionary counter argument of invasion and conquest. The latter is more accurate – our ancestors were quite brutal and innovative, they needed to be to survive – and it’s that version that should be taught to the next generation.”