Historical Vault 21: Anglo-Saxon England

For all my fellow White History Buff’s out there I wanted to let you know about a WP blog called Historical Vault 21  who recently did a really superb collection of post about Anglo-Saxon England.

As White Folk, we should never feel guilty or ashamed about Celebrating our Heritage!

We owe it to the Next Generation and for all Generations that Follow!

Be PROUD of Your Roots!






Domari Nolo.

In Memoriam: Maria Barlow

Her Name Is Maria Barlow: White Three-Year-Old Beaten To Death By Black Male Who Tries To Blame It On Her Nine-Year-Old Brother


As you spend time with your loved ones this holiday weekend, take a moment and REMEMBER Maria Barlow, age three, beaten to death by a Black animal POS.

Although this is another sad case of inter-racial relationships (Black man/White Woman) going wrong, a child should not be punished for the ignorance and class-less actions of her Aunt.

Date and Marry within your Own Race, it’s the way God intended it to be.


Our Roots, Our Present, Our Destiny

Our Roots, Our Present, Our Destiny

The recent announcement of the discovery of a 1,600 year old Anglo Saxon cemetery near Wendover in the Chilterns should both fascinate and thrill us. For it is yet another reminder of the way our racial forefathers lived and died in the hills, forests and vales that still surround us. The archaeologists involved in the dig, people like Dr. Rachel Wood of the Fusion Team, proclaiming ‘hugely significant’ and original finds like toothpicks, tweezers and eye-liner amongst the 138 graves containing 141 men, women and children.

For some great background on Anglo-Saxon society, check out this post over at Historical Vault 21 on Anglo-Saxon Kings.



The White Threat

You ever notice that every WHITE person in a movie or TV series currently (what few there are) will almost always either be:

A. Married to a person of color

B. Have kids that are Not White

C. Have friends of Color

D. Be Gay and Dating a Person of Color (Apparently even Gay White Men prefer Non-White partners?)

Gone are the days where White people can have a White Spouse, White Kids, White Friends and Be Heterosexual, because you know that’s just too normal.

Reject Modernity. Reject Wokeness. Reject the Anti-White Agenda.

Embrace your Culture and Race and Never be Ashamed of Who You Are.





Colleges Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks

Colleges Are Ethnically Cleansing America’s White Kulaks


For all you Parents out there with children about to graduate High School, PLEASE read this article twice and pass it along for your children to read.

“White Middle Class” will soon be spoken of in the past tense.