What are You Prepared to Do?


Regardless if we are talking about Globalist Government Gangsters, Tranny’s with Guns, Militant Black Thugs or your Garden Variety Demon Possessed Asshole, The bottom line is the Next Generation of White, Christian Children are being Murdered Wholesale.

I have been Sounding the Trumpet on this Blog until I am Blue in the Face about this.

I KNOW what Needs to be Done and I am more Than Prepared to do it.

The Million Dollar Question of the Day is if YOU are Prepared to do what needs to be Done?

Only YOU can answer that one.











FUSA Bulletin: Your Tax Dollars are Subsidizing White Genocide

American Taxpayers Are Forced to Pay for Anti-White Racists in Government

More shenanigans from Babylon the Great, that Godless, corrupt, immoral bastion of anti-white filth called the Federal Government.

Honestly, why would you want this ridiculous mess to continue?

Padraig Martin over at Identity Dixie put it this way:




Time to get your priorities straight folks.







FUSA Bulletin: Taxpayer Funded Anarchy

Anarcho-Tyranny in the USA


The city of Philadelphia has announced an agreement to pay a $9.25 million settlement in connection with the police response to protests after the death of George Floyd in 2020. While dozens were killed and billions of dollars of damage were done during the riots that raged across America for weeks in the summer of 2020, it is the participants themselves who will be paid restitution by the government.

Law and order in the United States have now descended to a level of anarcho-tyranny in which the government funds rioters with the tax money of their victims. The slow death of the rule of law in America would be ugly enough, but what we are witnessing instead is the twisted, grimacing corpse of a system that was once designed to protect the safety of Americans now being used to punish us for disagreeing with our political elites.






FUSA Bulletin: Behold the Face of White Supremacy in America!

Man Arrested Over Disturbing Graffiti at Historical Black Atlanta Church


Tyrone’s agenda was clear: The real problem in America is fag hating devil worshipping nazi’s and not unemployed black drug addicts.

For a Race Reality perspective, here is a short list of  Hate Crime Hoaxes  just in the last five years.




4.5% and the Demographics of American Murder




South Africa Update

‘Widespread violence’: South Africa braces for day of chaos as Marxist party demands ‘national shutdown’


It’s quite literally Into the Heart of Darkness for White South Africans.

Via Gareth Van Onselen:

There seems to be a general misunderstanding of the EFF’s proposed national shutdown. It isn’t to protest, disrupt or intimidate, it is to test the revolutionary waters. 

Malema also said in that interview: “When the unled revolution comes… the first target is going to be white people.” Every revolution needs a readily identifiable enemy. But he will use anything to trigger a mass uprising.