Know Your White History: The Collapse of the Scottish Clan System



The term “clan” is derived from the Gaelic word “clann”, meaning family or children, however, it is a misconception that persons who bear a clan’s name is a lineal descendant of the clan chief (ceannard cinnidh) or hereditary family.

Many clansmen took their Chief’s surname to show solidarity, through marriage, to settle in clan territory, or to obtain the protection of the ruling family in a system known as the ‘Duthcas’.

The clan centered on the chief, who’s succession was governed by a system known as ‘Tanistry’, an ancient law of succession where an heir was chosen from individuals within the hereditary line, often descendants of former Chiefs.

Beneath the Chief is the Chieftains, heads of individual houses from which the clan formed, the eldest of which was called the ‘Toiseach’, and then there are the ‘Daoin-Uaisle’, the aristocracy or clan elite.

At the bottom of the tier system are the main clan members. Most of a clan’s followers were tenants, supplying labour to work the lands, and sometimes to fight in clan feuds and times of greater turmoil against the armies of England.

The origins of the clans vary, often claiming mythological founders that reinforced their status and glorified notions of their origins, such as Clan Campbell, that claimed they had descended from Diarmid O’Dyna, a demigod, son of Donn, and one of the Fianna in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology.







A Deep Dive into Classic Western Movies: Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson


For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time you know this movie holds a special place in my heart.

Not only is it the BEST Mountain Man movie ever made IMO, it is an amazing story BASED on a REAL LIFE Character that went by the name of “Liver Eating Johnson.”

The book “Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver Eating Johnson” by Raymond W. Thorpe Jr. is a worthwhile read.



Know Your Southern History: Major General Patrick Cleburne, CSA

Cleburne Part I: The Making of an Irish-Southern Nationalist

The following is a four-part series on the life of Major General Patrick Cleburne, C.S.A. It derives heavily from two sources, “Cleburne and His Command,” by Captain Irving A. Buck, C.S.A., (1908), and “Stonewall of the West: Patrick Cleburne & the Civil War,” by Professor Craig L. Symonds, Lieutenant U.S.N.R., (1997).  For the sake of brevity in a blog article, citations will refer to last name and page reference.



Bustamonte, I Hate You

Bustamonte, I Hate You


I can remember as a kid reading through my dad’s stack of Shooting Magazine and always looking forward to Skeeter Skelton’s articles.

Those articles were like western short stories…stories that briefly transported you to a simpler, honest and more rugged time.

Enjoy the ride, I know I did.



The Return Of The Gunslinger

The Return Of The Gunslinger

Spot on assessment by my friend NC Scout.

Be Self-Sufficient and Prepare Accordingly.