Building An Affordable Sniper Rifle

Building An Affordable Sniper Rifle

Really practical, no-nonsense article on building yourself a tack driver that won’t break the bank.

It wouldn’t hurt to Educate yourself on Guerilla Sniping while you are here also.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

If You Carry a Gun, Carry it Loaded!

As a Wise Man once said, an Unloaded Gun is nothing but a Club.

Keep a Round in the Pipe!

The Bad Guy is not going to give you a “time out” to charge your weapon!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Get To Cover? A Requiem for Common Sense

Get to Cover? A Requiem for Common Sense

With the likelihood of random gun violence breaking out anywhere at anytime in the world today, it makes sense for the Armed and/or Prepared Civilian to re-cap some basics of staying alive when you are out there on the mean streets beyond the wire (The wire being the protection of your Hearth and Home in this case.)

Understanding what COVER is and it’s main function (Can it STOP incoming rounds from hitting you?) are questions we need to answer now before the shit hits the oscillating device.

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War Film Review and More Pineland Rules

War Film Review and More Pineland Rules


4GW Class in Session.

Learn. Adapt. Overcome.

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Finding Out (Graphic Video)

Finding Out


The Full story of this tragedy appeared in the New York Post

Active Self-Protection did a detailed summary of this incident HERE.

Another video to remind me why I do Not Live in the City with Neighbors right on top of me.

It also reminds me of the saying “You Never Know Who you are Dealing with so never ASSUME anything!”

I agree 100% with the author’s remarks here:

When you carry a weapon for self-defense, any altercation can turn into a gunfight at the drop of a hat.

The number one rule of the game therefore is DE-ESCALATION.

I also have a few more general rules I follow to keep myself out of prison and the graveyard:

  • DO NOT Curse people out in public

  • DO NOT Road Rage

  • DO NOT get involved in somebody else’s public argument or crazy behavior

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!