Know Your History: The Myth of the Woman Warrior



“It’s apparent why the controllers are feminizing the traditional male martial vocations: soldiers, cops, MMA fighters, and heads of state. It weakens the social order in general, demoralizes men, and siphons women from motherhood and happiness. Like legalized pot, it makes a population docile and easily controlled when so many are so profoundly confused about reality.”

Understanding that the current trend in gender confusion and identity has it’s roots in historical misinformation/disinformation brings home the Orwellian ideal that “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

Ignorance of History is the main reason that the Left can propagate such ridiculous ideology so easily.


Bert Waldron: Nature versus Nurture, A Sniper’s Story

H/T American Partisan


Bert Waldron: Nature versus Nurture, A Sniper’s Story


When it comes to Vietnam-era Snipers, most folks always talk about GySgt. Carlos ‘Whitefeather’ Hathcock, USMC but have you heard of another American Bad-Ass by the name of Bert Waldron?


Bad-Ass Files: Remembering SAS Legend John McAleese

John McAleese’s story is one of a true modern day Spartan.

The man was an absolute beast when it came to early Counter-Terrorism Operations.

John’s life continues to inspire millions.

The character of “Captain Price” in the Call of Duty Video Game Franchise is based looely on his life and exploits.


Know Your WW2 History: Axis vs AA Guns



Even from the first moments of America’s sudden involvement in World War II, U.S. anti-aircraft (AA) gunners were in the thick of the fight. John W. Finn, US Navy Chief Aviation Ordnanceman, won the Medal of Honor during the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

As Japanese planes attacked his post at Naval Air Station Kaneohe Bay, he fought back from an exposed .50 caliber machine gun stand. He hammered away at the strafing and bombing Japanese aircraft.


The Battle of the Black Sea


The above video is excerpts from a documentary called The Battle of the Black Sea with fellow Texan and former D-Boy Paul Howe.

This is the REAL story of Black Hawk Down told from the perspective of one of the men that was there.