War Film Review and More Pineland Rules

War Film Review and More Pineland Rules


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The Spanish Civil War

A Really interesting study of a period of history a lot of people gloss over because of it’s close proximity to World War II.




Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

WW2 Documentaries Worth A Damn: Wartime Portraits

I was surfing Netflix the other day and ran across this WW2 Documentary series called “Wartime Portraits”

Part live-action historical footage and part animation, this visually inventive Polish series offers striking portrayals of some of the most daring and unsung Polish heroes of WW2.

As a World War Two History fanatic, I love reading and learning about partisans and underground guerilla resistance movements during WW2, and this doc features five stories of some amazing Polish citizens who refused to lay down while the nazi’s invaded their country.

I have always said the modern civilian operator has so much to learn from the study of underground resistance movements during WW2 and the Cold War, and this Documentary is no exception.

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War Documentaries Worth A Damn: The Battle Of The Chosin Resovoir

New Film Offers Gunt’s Eye View Of Unrelenting Combat During Korean War

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This is the first NEW Documentary I have seen in quite some time on the Korean War.

Just like with WW2, the veterans of this terrible conflict are dying off quickly and we need to get their stories recorded for posterity and future generations.

Be sure and set your DVR Tonight, the Documentary appears on PBS (Channel 65 on Direct TV) on the program “American Experience” at 8pm CST.

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War Documentaries Worth A Damn: Taking Fire

War Documentaries that are shot almost exclusively using a Soldier’s recorded Helmet Cam Video are getting to be the standard by which all 21st Century War Documentaries are judged now.

After the groundbreaking Afghanistan War Documentary Restrepo by Sebastian Junger and the late Tim Hetheringon and their equally powerful follow-up Documentary, Korengalwhich documented the lives of the 173rd Airborne Brigade as they fought Taliban insurgents in the hellish Korengal Valley in Eastern Afghanistan, not by listening and watching some pompous Hollywood director narrate the action, but by simply recording what happened and letting the soldiers who sere fighting and dying tell the story. It was hard to imagine a better war documentary being made after Restrepo quite frankly.

But then came Director Ricky Schroeder’s excellent 2015 series The Fighting Season and his 2016 Follow-Up My Fighting Season on Audience Network. With the majority of the footage being First Person Soldier POV Helmet Cam and the remainder being Solider and Officer narration of the actual battles being shown, My Fighting Season showed combat in its purest, most un-adulterated form. Gritty, Hard-Hitting and No Bullshit from the soldier’s perspective and not the media’s.

Taking Fire is anticipated to be a runner-up to these great War Documentaries. It will combine both Soldier POV Helmet-Cam and Standard Digital Camera footage along with solider narration.

Taking Fire Premieres on Discovery Channel September 13th.