Supporting Homeless Veterans

CampV holds ‘Veteran Stand Down’ to raise awareness about homeless veterans in East Texas


Being a Veteran myself, I always try to help raise awareness and volunteer to help Homeless Veterans.

You may ask yourself, How can I make a Difference to such a big Problem?

The Answer is simple: THINK LOCAL!

Boots on the Ground, Grassroots Organizations like Camp V (Community Assisting Military Personnel and Veterans) is how REAL CHANGE is made.

Please Consider Supporting YOUR Local Veterans Organizations Today!







Veteran News: Biden Says Forget The Vets, Send VA Docs To The Border To Care For Illegals.

Let’sGoBrandon: Forget The Vets, Send VA Docs To The Border To Care For Illegals.


I was wondering why my Local VA told me there was a three month wait to see my VA Doctor and I was approved to use CHOICE Community Care (CHOICE is where I can go see any Local Dr. in town and the VA picks up the tab).

Putting Illegals before Veterans who served their Country and EARNED those benefits is treasonous behavior.

FJB. 🖕



Veteran News: VA Works to Ease Staff Concerns About Facility Closure Recommendations

VA works to ease staff concerns about facility closure recommendations


You can find out what Cuts and/or Improvements the VA are planning for your State and Region’s VA Medical Facilties HERE.

Luckily, there are no cuts planned for my Regions VA Medical Center, only additions, to include construction of an 82 bed Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program for Veteran Suffering With PTSD, Substance Abuse and Other Mental Health Issues.


Globalism Versus Nationalism….Gross…How About Localism?

Globalism Versus Nationalism….Gross…How About Localism?

An Alternative view for folks who are tired of running on the Hamster wheel.

Become Independent from the SYSTEM as possible.

LOCALISM is about building a community of LIKE MINDED people that you can rely on and work with when things get really tough.

A Key aspect of Localism is to keep your attention and focus on issues and challenges that are within your CONTROL and have a direct impact upon your life.

Localism is about Self-Sufficiency and De-centralization.



FUSA Bulletin: The Purging of the U.S. Military Almost Complete

Army to Immediately Start Discharging Vaccine Refusers; Thousands Face Ouster


Biden’s brain trust have fast tracked the Purging and Grooming of the U.S. Military for one reason: They are going to need odedient, woke soldiers for the upcoming shitshow.

The gangsters in D.C. forgot one thing though: There are a great many TRUE Soldiers, Marines, Sailors and Airmen still out there, both in the ranks and in Civilian Life who have a LONG memory and still intend to Keep their Oath.