Government Gangsters: VA begins Punitive Actions against Unvaccinated Staff

VA begins Punitive Actions against Unvaccinated Staff


So the Gauntlet has been laid down and Federal Tyranny begins in EARNEST.

As a good friend told me a long time ago:

“PREPARE Now to be able to live on LESS, because when the Government comes and the Hammer Drops, THEY are gonna hit you in the Pocketbook FIRST before they ever put you up against a Wall.”

Prepare Accordingly.


Vet News: Changes to VA’s Community Care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access

Changes to VA’s community care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access

Well it looks like Shitty Pants Joe wants to do away with Community Care (CHOICE) Healthcare Options for Vets because quote:

“Too much use of private-sector doctors for core VA medical responsibilities could drain finances from the VA health care system and lead to “privatization” of the department?”

What? Drain Finances?

You mean like you did when you handed out billions in “Stimulus Payments?” this past year to illegal aliens and felons?

It seems the sole mission of this administration is to UNDO whatever good programs President Trump pushed through.

If my fellow Vets will remember, President Trump went to great lengths to expand the Community Care (CHOICE) System for Veterans in 2016, making it easier for Vets who don’t live near a VA Clinic or Outpatient Clinic to receive care from local Doctors and Providers, thus easing the burden.

It is said a Nation can be judged on how it treats it’s Veterans and Joe, like everything else, you have failed us big time.

The Veteran’s Creed

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately on the Responsibility VETERANS have during this tumultuous and pathetic time of crisis in our Nation.

Men like LTC Scheller are showing amazing bravery by DEMANDING ACCOUNTABILITY of our Federal betters, if you want to use that term for those spineless sacks of treasonous shit that populate the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Pentagon and the White House.

Besides honoring our Military Oath, which every Veteran took with the understanding it has no expiration date, there is also the often forgotten Veteran’s Creed.

Now there are dozens of variations of this creed, the most basic looking something like this:


I want to draw your attention to #5, #7 and #8 above.

As Veterans, we are called upon to MAINTAIN our state of Combat Readiness so we can make a DIFFERENCE when the time comes to HONOR OUR FALLEN COMRADES.

This involves maintaining physical conditioning (PT) and also keeping our mind’s sharp with continued tactical study and training.

It may surprise some also that 20th century history qualifies the mandate of veteran’s combat readiness with the Battle of Athens Tennessee in 1946:

For further reading on this subject I highly recommend:

The Fighting Bunch: The Battle of Athens and How World War II Veterans Won the Only Successful Armed Rebellion Since the Revolution.

Make no mistake, I do not use the Upside Down Flag as a prop or click bait.

This nation is in CRISIS and DISTRESS from treasonous enemies from within and Action must be taken.

Veteran’s must lead the way.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous and Prepare Accordingly!


The COVID Carnival Diaries: My Recent Experience at my Local VA Clinic

So it’s been a minute since I have been to my local VA Outpatient clinic. Since the COVID carnival began I have made it a point to make every effort to stay away from the place if I could help it, but as my bad luck would have it I had my annual check-up come up so I had no choice but to go.

Having no ideal what to expect, I arrived fifteen minutes early and walking up the front door I could tell the Carnival ride was about to begin.

A large woman in FULL PPE gear and scrubs (including a mask with a plastic face guard) topped off with an orange reflective crossing guard vest with the word “MONITOR” across the front (Not sure the reason for this?) stood at the front door with a very serious look and as I approached she said “HALT” like I was some kind of Russian saboteur.

“Sir do you have an appointment today?”


“Please stand still while I take your temperature”

She then proceeded to use a Laser Temperature gun and from a distance of around ten feet proceeded to shoot a laser at my forehead.

Due to most likely GROSS operator error this process had to be repeated several times until finally she got the number she was looking for I guess.

“Proceed to the next station” she said sternly.

Looking at her like the rude idiot bitch she was I then turned around and walked inside.

This is where shit got weird.

Inside On the floor were flourescent green arrows guiding you to another flourescent green queue barrier like in an airport ticket line (What’s with all these Reflector Vest and flourescent green? Do they think the general public is blind?)

Once inside this flourescent cattle stall you had to stand in line on another flourescent circle six feet apart and wait your turn for yet another interview.

This one you had to step in front of a Computer monitor with a camera on top. First thing it did was take your temperature then it listed all these questions on the screen (in tiny print) we all have answered a million times: Have you recently travelled to China? Do you currently have any symptoms? blah, blah, blah. But here was the weird part: To Answer “NO” you had to raise your left hand by your face and then they took a picture of you!

“Where do these pictures go?” I asked one of the attendants wearing a “MONITOR” vest.

“In the cloud I guess” she answered rudely, not showing one bit of concern.

I stared at her for a long minute considering if I really wanted to take the effort to show her what an idiot she was and decided against it. I was already tired of this bullshit.

Anyways, after all this I finally got to check in for my appointment.

Later on I was talking to another vet about it and he said they are calling this Left Hand by your face the “Fauci Salute?”

Talk about Orwellian!

This shit is getting out of hand folks.

We need to give these totalitarian bastards the Left Hand Middle Finger by our Face.🖕

Enough is Enough.

Documentaries Worth a Damn: Bastard’s Road

‘Bastards’ Road’ follows veteran’s 5,800-mile walk across US to bring attention to mental health


As a Veteran I will tell you we need more Documentaries like this.

It was a TOUGH watch at times but it was well worth it!

2/4 The Magnificient Bastards! Semper Fi!

You can watch the documentary HERE.

(WARNING: Be sure and use some type of pop-up and Ad Blocker when streaming).