TURKEY INVADES GREECE…and the world sleeps

As I have been keeping up with this story, one thing keeps coming back to my mind: 1980, Cuba, The Mariel Boat Lift.

POS Communist Castro empties his Jails, Prisons and mental asylums on America, causing a mass influx of so-called “refugees.” Was it an act of war? Sure, in a proxy sense, just like what Turkey and Erdogan are doing against Greece and by extension, the entirety of Western Europe by allowing millions of muslim freeloaders and future ISIS suicide bombers and serial rapist to flood across international borders illegally. This tactic known as “JIHAD BY MIGRATION” was developed in the 9th Century and has been used repeatedly with great success by jihadist.

Make no mistake, Greece has a RIGHT to defend itself against this onslaught by using any and all FORCE necessary, including Military Action.

Never Apologize for Defending Yourself!


Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has declared that he is releasing an army of 3.5 million Muslims, including foreign invaders posing as refugees, economic migrant wannabes, criminals released from Turkish prisons, and more, who will make their way to the welfare havens of Europe, unless the EU agrees to hand over billions more euros as…


Crusader Corner: Turkey’s New 5 Million Man “Army of Islam”


When Turkey’s semi-official newspaper Yeni Safak called for urgent action in forming a 57-nation “Army of Islam” to besiege and attack Israel, a suggestion undoubtedly approved with at least a wink and nod by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it would signal the possible intent to create the largest military force on the planet – one nearly as large as the total population of the Jewish state.

The report came just ahead of the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and was published under the headline, “What if an Army of Islam was formed against Israel?” It was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

But it wasn’t a rhetorical question. It was actually a suggestion to combine the military forces of all Islamic countries to overwhelm the Israeli army in manpower, budget and equipment – even boasting with statistics.

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Espionage Files: The CIA and A Turkish Coup



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Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Islam Invasion: Turkey May Be Partly To Blame For Istanbul Airport Attack


Istanbul’s Ataturk airport, Turkey’s largest, was hit with two suicide bombings yesterday that claimed the lives of at least 36 people. However, that grisly figure may rise further as there were also several dozen injured in the blasts, some of whom have been listed as critical. The airport was immediately shut down to commercial traffic.

There were conflicting reports as to the number of assailants with some reports claiming that as many as four were involved. The explosions were accompanied by gunfire with one report claiming that at least one perpetrator opened fire with an AK-47 before detonating his suicide vest. It appears that the terrorists tried to enter the international terminal but were intercepted by police. After a brief exchange of gunfire, the terrorists detonated their suicide vests.

Turkey has been hit with a spate of deadly bombings this year that has claimed hundreds of casualties. Today’s attack at Ataturk airport is Istanbul’s fourth bombing this year. In January, a suicide bomber affiliated with ISIS killed 13 people, including 12 Germans and a Peruvian. ISIS struck again in March when a suicide bomber claimed the lives of four, three of whom were Israeli nationals. Terrorists struck again in June when a remotely detonated bomb targeting Turkish police officers killed 12, including 6 police officers. That bombing was attributed to a Kurdish separatist group.

Another two deadly bombings have been carried out in Turkey’s capital city of Ankara while others were recorded near Turkey’s border with Syria as well as Turkey’s heavily populated Kurdish regions where the government is waging a deadly war against pro-independence Kurdish guerillas.

It would be unsurprising if the Turkish government placed blame for this dastardly act on the Kurds. It is not beneath the current Turkish government, led its Islamist president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to exploit tragedy to advance Turkish nationalistic propaganda.

While it is certainly plausible that this terror attack was carried out by radical Kurdish separatists, it is unlikely. Kurdish guerillas usually target the military or police forces or symbols of the state. They are cognizant of international opinion and attacks of this nature serve no strategic purpose and only work to undermine their cause.

The more likely culprit by far is ISIS and the attack is consistent with their modus operendi. The Islamist group has carried out several terrorist attacks in Turkey without regard for civilian deaths. In fact, the terrorist group deliberately seeks out soft targets with the aim of inflicting maximum civilian casualties. High profile targets like airports rank high on the group’s preferred list.

Yesterday’s attack is eerily reminiscent of a similar bombing carried out by ISIS terrorists in Brussels on March 22 in which twin suicide bombings struck the main terminal of Zaventem international airport. Contemporaneous with the airport bombings, another suicide bomber targeted a Brussels metro station. The blasts collectively claimed the lives of 32 people of various nationalities and injured dozens more.

If this was indeed an ISIS attack, and it bears all the hallmarks of one, Turkey has no one to blame but its Islamist government. Under Erdoğan, Turkey has facilitated the Islamic State’s rise to power. Turkey purchased oil from ISIS thus providing the group with cash needed to fund its operations and turned a blind eye toward the group’s activities along the border, allowing members of the terrorist group to come and go as they pleased. At the border town of Kobani, Turkey prevented badly needed supplies from reaching Kurdish forces that were battling the Islamic State. At every turn, they hindered coalition efforts to help the embattled Kurds but eventually relented under heavy pressure from the Americans.

Erdoğan, who is a Sunni Islamist, saw ISIS as a Sunni group with whom he shared much in common and believed erroneously that he could tame the beast and utilize the group as a useful proxy in Syria. That plan backfired miserably and Turkey is now reaping what it has sowed. Yesterday’s cowardly attack at Ataturk airport is almost certainly the fruit of the deleterious neo-ottoman, Islamist policies pursued by Turkey’s authoritarian leader.

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Crusader Corner: Rethinking Airport Security Worldwide After Brussels and Istanbul

EDITORS NOTE: Graphic content / People stand outside the entrance as they leave the airport after two explosions followed by gunfire hit the Turkey's biggest airport of Ataturk in Istanbul, on June 28, 2016. At least 10 people were killed on June 28, 2016 evening in a suicide attack at the international terminal of Istanbul's Ataturk airport, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said. Turkey has been hit by a string of deadly attacks in the past year, blamed on both Kurdish rebels and the Islamic State jihadist group. / AFP PHOTO / OZAN KOSE

What’s the point of stringent checks at the departure gates if anybody can walk into an airport terminal and start killing people?

I have stood in a line for well over an hour for the security check at a very busy airport on the US East Coast. A line of hundreds upon hundreds of people that stretched the width of a warehouse-sized hall, that doubled and tripled and quadrupled back on itself — people crowded in together, shuffling to left and to right as they made their painstaking way to the bag-check machines. A line, I was told, that was entirely unremarkable in its length and in the wait it involved. A line, most relevantly, that was accessible to anyone who entered the terminal.

I have waited in lines in the departures halls at airports all over Europe to check in luggage. Waited for ages among crowds of passengers and overflowing luggage trolleys at counters, again, freely accessible to anyone who walks into the airport.

I have stood with crowds of impatient passengers waiting at the baggage reclaim conveyor belts of airports worldwide. In some airports, the area is off-limits to the wider public. In some, armed police and security staff are on hand. At others, the arrivals halls and baggage reclaim areas are open to the street outside.

I have endured the rigors of ostensibly extra-stringent security for various European airlines’ flights to Tel Aviv, had the soles of my shoes double-scanned, watched security staffers agonize over whether a small can of deodorant is going to be allowed on board, seen my young daughter being taken off toward a side room for some unspecified further examination with my outraged wife in hot pursuit.

At Newark airport a few weeks ago, I waited behind a family whose pigtailed toddler daughter was being patted down repeatedly and who had collapsed into baffled tears because something on her person kept setting off the metal detector.

At another North American airport, I waited in a line that simply didn’t move because the staffer operating the bag-check machine couldn’t get herself comfortable in her chair, kept sliding off it, kept returning the same red bag through her machine for recheck after recheck because she’d been preoccupied with her chair each time it went through, and then, aware of the mounting rumble from the waiting passengers, cleared a long line of bags with only the most cursory of examinations in order to get the line moving again.

I’ve flown home from one Mediterranean country in protracted semi-panic because several of the large young men sitting in the rows around me on the flight had set off the metal detectors in security and been waved blithely through.

You’ve doubtless had similar experiences. Or worse.

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