Know Your Texas History: Frank Hamer’s Sweetwater Gunfight

Frank Hamer’s Sweetwater Fight: Lessons Learned


As a writer and old west “enthusiast” I absolutely love reading about the old Texas warhorses like Frank Hamer.

Men who were cut from rawhide and raised in the traditions of the 19th century old west but forced to live in the modern “civilized” 20th century.

In short, men who were the last of the Old West Gunfighters.

“When we talk about personal defense, we may spend too much time talking about attacks from criminals who are not known to us.

It is also a good idea to realize that dangerous encounters can occur with people who are known to us. This reality should also be considered when we are formulating our own personal defense plans. That said, the overpowering urge should always be to find a way to avoid trouble whenever it is the least bit possible.”


For further reading on Hamer, I highly recommend these two books:

I’m Frank Hamer: The Life of a Texas Peace Officer

Manhunter: Frank Hamer, Texas Ranger (A Novel based on the Life and Times of Frank Hamer, Texas Ranger)


11 Best Night Vision Scopes: Tier 1 Operators, Hunters, and Competitors

11 Best Night Vision Scopes: Tier 1 Operators, Hunters, and Competitors

Excellent Overview of a few NV scopes.

Remember: If you want to OWN the Night you not only have to have the GEAR but also the TRAINING.



Box Breathing: A Tactical Breathing Technique To Stop Stress

Box Breathing: A Tactical Breathing Technique To Stop Stress


Breathing is one of the most basic but neglected things people can do to not only reduce stress but also improve your martial and firearm skills!

For those interested, I highly recommend you look into the Russian Martial Art of Systema and a book called Let Every Breath, Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters by Vladamir Vasiliev.

A good friend of mine introduced me to these techniques many years ago and it changed my life for the better in every respect.

The History of Irregular Warfare (Six-Part Series)



Irregular Warfare Six-Part Series


Superb series I recommend you put on your Reference flash drive.

While you are it, Guide to the Analysis of an Insurgency is also worth downloading.

Arm Up, Read Up and Train and Prepare Accordingly.

SHTF Self-Education Series


SHTF Self-Education Series – From the Library: “Special Forces – Guerilla Warfare Manual”


Another worthy addition to your SHTF Flash Drive or Binder filled with Preparedness Manuals and other Associated materials.

I will admit a large percentage of these “SHTF” Books are written by morons and are useful for nothing but fire kindling but this is good one.

Download your copy HERE

Prepare Accordingly.