Propaganda, Brand Marketing, & Guerrilla Movements

Outstanding linked article on American Partisan by NCScout. Required Reading for every serious Martial Citizen IMO.

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Read, think, and think again.

– Who are you?

– What are your goals?

– What are your opponents’ goals?

– What messages would advance your goals?

– What messages would defeat your opponents’ goals?

– How will those messages be best disseminated?

And remember this previous WRSA masthead:

“The best form of propaganda is to simply tell the truth.”

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The Dutch Resistance and the OSS

Great and Informative Read!
I love reading about the various Resistance Movements during WW2.

Weapons and Warfare

PAN Resistance members escorting German POWs during Market-Garden.

On 10 May 1940, the German 10th Army, spearheaded by airborne troops, invaded the Netherlands. The rest of the Wehrmacht force committed to “the overrunning of the West executed the Manstein Plan through Belgium and the Ardennes Forest. On 14 May 1940, the Dutch commander ordered a cease-fire. Three days later, the entire Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany.

The Netherlands royal family, led by Queen Wilhelmina, along with some 4,600 Dutch officers, sailors, soldiers, and policemen, staged a Dutch Dunkirk, assisted by remnants of the country’s Navy and the entire merchant marine. This evacuation to Britain of the royal family and a cadre of the Dutch Government was critical in establishing a government-in-exile and the initial intelligence networks in Holland. Additionally, the emigration to Britain of Netherlands military people and civilians from all over the Continent and from overseas Dutch possessions helped form…

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China brings Star Wars to life with ‘laser AK-47’ that can set fire to targets a kilometre away

Causes the “Instant Carbonisation” of human skin and tissues. Hmmm…I wonder if it will have a selector switch setting “Regular” or “Extra Crispy?” 🙂

Global Geopolitics Laser guns, such as this one from the Chengdu Hengan Police Equipment Manufacturing Company, are becoming increasingly accurate and powerful. Photo: Handout

Handheld weapons that could set fire to targets from long distances are no longer confined to science fiction but a fact of life, according to researchers

China has developed a new portable laser weapon that can zap a target from nearly a kilometre away, according to researchers involved in the project.

The ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle is classified as being “non-lethal” but produces an energy beam that cannot be seen by the naked eye but can pass through windows and cause the “instant carbonisation” of human skin and tissues.

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Why we call them #FakeNews: ABC’s Brian Ross leaving network after false Trump report

Need anymore proof that the Fake News Cartel is Real?

Fellowship of the Minds

brian ross

They learned nothing from Dan “Fake but Accurate” Rather.

From Fox News: Beleaguered chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross is leaving ABC News seven months after he botched an “exclusive” report on Donald Trump and Russia that sent the stock market tumbling.

News President James Goldston announced to staffers on Monday that Ross, and his longtime producer Rhonda Schwartz, have “decided to leave the company” in a memo that was obtained by Fox News.

“In their long careers here, Brian, Rhonda and their team have been recognized with nearly every prestigious award in our business – an impressive tally of four George Polk awards, four Peabody awards, four duPonts, five Murrows, 17 News and Documentary Emmys and the Harvard Goldsmith Prize, in 2014, for the single best investigative report in print or broadcast,” Goldston wrote. (Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)

The ABC News boss continued: “They’ve exposed government corruption at…

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“Refugees” Among 9 Stabbed at Boise Apartment Complex: Suspect in Custody

Oh look, the perfect follow up article to WHY we Should Stand Behind Hungary and Emulate their Immigration Polices.


Identities and nationalities of victims in Saturday night’s Boise knifeman attack are unknown for now.

Which suggests that an apartment house filled with Muslims was the scene of a knife attack by another Muslim.

It’s a reasonable speculation for any person willing to face reality to make.

A white “Nazi, racist” would have used an AR-15, so I think we can rule out the white man this time.

Better luck next time, fake news guys.

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