Border News: Mexican Soldiers Retreat From Ferocious Battle With Caravan Migrants

Mexican Soldiers Retreat From Ferocious Battle With Caravan Migrants


Things are getting more and more Violent with this so-called “Migrant Caravan”

Mexican Soldiers had to Open Fire on a truck load of illegals that attempted to ram a police checkpoint in Chiapas.

This “caravan” is nothing more than a third world Criminal Invasion Force financed by Soros and his corrupt NGO’s.

The only way to deal with violent criminals is with DEADLY FORCE.

Let the Games Begin.


Militarization of Illegal Immigration

Militarization of Illegal Immigration


There is no doubt that Illegal Immigration is a FUNDAMENTAL component of 4GW (Fourth Generation Warfare) being used by both internal and external forces to destroy this country.

The bottom line is you’re not VOTING your way out of this problem.

The only Solution is to fight FIRE WITH FIRE with extreme VIOLENCE OF ACTION.

(Violence of action means the unrestricted use of speed, strength, surprise and aggression to achieve total dominance against your enemy.)

Take from that what you will.

Prepare Accordingly.


Two Million Illegal Invaders Cross Southern Border Just In The Last Year

Banned Hipster

None of them are being tested for Covid, and they are being distributed all around the country, flown and bused overnight from Texas to small towns all over.

This shows us a couple of things.

First – no one in the Biden administration is at all actually worried about Covid. If there were a real pandemic, the airports would be shut down and the borders closed.

So – since they are clearly not at all worried about Covid, why are they pushing the “vaccines” and why the lock-downs, the masks, the mandates?

At the start of the pandemic, they shut down all the small businesses. But Walmart and Whole Foods were open. The Churches were closed – some pastors were sent to prison – but strip clubs and liquor stores were open.

Gas stations were open.

Again – clearly – it’s not a pandemic. The government is not acting like…

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Article of the Week: Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


Welcome To Bidenland – Where The Cartels Are Not In Control Of Our Southern Border


Most folks have not wrapped their head around the fact this is a complicit INVASION of the United States with one goal:


Perfecting the Language of the Revolution

From ‘Illegal Aliens’ to ‘Migrants’


If you understand history, you will see that Cultural Marxist are professionals at manipulating language to push an agenda.

See what most liberals miss is that despite their humanitarian fervor for the poor, so-called under-privileged brown and black hordes streaming across the American border is that they are BREAKING THE LAW.


As such, they are CRIMINALS.

But somehow that fact get’s conveniently lost in all the social justice banter and excitement.

So everybody take Note:

Illegal behavior is not illegal, Permanent is now Temporary, and Alien is no longer foreign.  Got it?

Reminds me of a quote by George Orwell:

“The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.” 


It’s high time we SMASH The Neo-Liberal Revolution and it’s corrupt language in the Face.

Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide.