An Easy “W”


I must have watched this movie half a dozen times growing up as a kid and like the author, yes, the ideal presented (using the U.S. Military to eradicate Drug Cartels) seemed like a perfectly legit and logical thing to do.

You see one of the MANY  problems we have in Modern America is folks do not want to admit that the REAL threat to our Safety and Security as a Nation is not halfway around the world in Ukraine but (at least for me as a Texan) is actually 490 miles away at the Southern Border with Mexico.

490 Miles driving time is roughly 7 hrs from my Front Door.

It’s called PERSPECTIVE Folks.

And the only way to get it is to remove your Head out of Your Ass.


In Memoriam: Mickey Gilley

Country music icon Mickey Gilley dies at age 86

Growing up in the early 80’s, Mickey Gilley and his famous honky-tonk in Pasadena “Gilley’s” (made famous by the movie Urban Cowboy with John Travolta) were the stuff of legend and considered a Texas Treasure.

I still remember this one being played on the jukebox at my mom’s store non-stop:


RIP Mickey, You are a Texas Legend!


Texas is Doing The Job The Govt. Won’t

Abbott: $500M OK’d For Border, 240K Illegals Caught


I applaud the efforts of Governor Abbott but I don’t think this is a sustainable model and the Globo-Homo cabal knows it.

I think the next step should be complete seccession and the formation of a New Confederacy of Southern States willing to join resources to secure the Southern Border with FORCE.

It’s the only viable solution to a Federal Government that obviously does not care for the Safety of it’s CITIZENS and takes pride in running amok and contrary to the Constitution of the United States.

Domari Nolo.



Texas News: Alleged Texas serial killer Billy Chemirmir found guilty of murdering elderly woman

Alleged Texas serial killer Billy Chemirmir found guilty of murdering elderly woman


They finally sentenced this Kenyan murdering POS to Life without Parole.

He deserved DEATH and should have been convicted for the other 17 innocent elderly women he murdered, which is why the news used the term “Alleged Serial Killer”.

Nothing was mentioned of his immigration status which is par for the course with the MSM.

Once again we see how Multiculturalism weakens a society.

Brazen Theft of $2K Worth of Meat at Texas Wal-Mart

Women suspected of stealing meat from Temple grocery store


For those of you that thought this Black crime wave was just restricted to FUSA Blue States like United Socialist Republic of California, think again.

Brazen theft of $2K worth of Meat in broad daylight at a Texas Wally World.

Pay no Attention to the White Woman in this Video, by her actions she is just as Black and Worthless as the other two thieving POS.