Texas: Investigation and Trial of Alleged Serial Murderer, Billy Chemirmir, Delayed

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

This POS is one of the most vile serial killers in Texas History and I bet most of you have not even heard about him.


Because He is a Black Immigrant from Africa.

Because he destroys the bullshit multi-culturalist diversity narrative pushed by the MSM and our own Government.

And it now appears the self-same corrupt system is protecting him.




Delayed due to the Chinese Virus says the Dallas Morning News, Pandemic causes delay in investigation, trial of serial murder suspect Billy Chemirmir Over two years after Billy Chemirmir’s arrest, families who say their elderly loved ones were killed by the serial murder suspect are wondering what’s taking so long for county officials to declare…

Texas: Investigation and Trial of Alleged Serial Murderer, Billy Chemirmir, Delayed — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

Texas News: Chinese Wind Farm Deep in the Heart of Texas?

Deep in the Heart of Texas, a Chinese Wind Farm Raises Eyebrows

As if Black Power Anti-White Marxist was not enough, now we have to worry about Commie Chinks waging 4GW as well?

Give us a break down here Donald, Jesus.

Texas News: More BLM Violence Against Whites in Houston

Group attacks customer outside Texas convenience store

So let me give you a more Politically Incorrect headline since even Fox news can’t get it right:


To be honest, I am not sure this guy is white, maybe light skinned mixed race because he has what looks like an afro. I do know his girlfriend was black.

It appears all this guy did was speak up when this gaggle of BLM goons tried to cut in front of him at the store.

The lesson here: ALWAYS be ARMED, especially when in ANY part of Houston!

I had to laugh at the victim’s girlfriend statement at the end of the article about her not wanting this to be “Black vs White thing” Ha! Go tell that to these Black BLM Goons! I thing they would beg to differ.

BLM is nothing but a black power, Anti-White organization., something most of us, at least the ones of us who have not drank the purple kool-aid, already knew.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


TX Naval Base Shooter was Syrian Jihadist, See How He Became a New American

First, here is an account of what happened on Thursday. From WFXR-TV: Group: Texas naval base shooter voiced support for clerics The suspect killed during what the FBI is calling a “terrorism-related” attack at a Texas naval air base voiced support for hardline clerics, according to a group that monitors online activity of jihadists. This…

TX Naval Base Shooter was Syrian Jihadist, See How He Became a New American — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

Mexico Drug Gangs Had a ‘Spy’ Working in Texas U.S. Attorney’s Office

The Cartels have spies at the Federal level as well.

Nothing is impossible when you have an unlimited budget.


Federal prosecutors have busted one of their co-workers who worked as a spy for a variety of Mexican drug gangs.

The Washington Times reports that the sister and brother-in-law of a paralegal working at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio were distributors of the methamphetamines produced by the Mexico-based criminal enterprise.

Read more here at PJ Media

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