Observations of a Proud Southern White Man #3


First and foremost I want to remind ALL my brave readers to go over to American Partisan and read my good friend NC Scout’s excellent essay titled Welcome to Appalachistan and then pass it along to somebody they care about.

I told Scout that it was one of the best damn essay’s I have read in a LONG time. Very rarely do I read something nowadays that gives me both HOPE AND FUEL! I mean let’s be honest, there is a severe shortage of BALLSY and TRUTHFUL articles out there lately. Most writers who claim to be quote “Dissidents” are nothing but neutered Civic Nationalist who want to skirt around the real issue or talk in lofty platitudes about the DIRE situation this country is in.


To quote the joker “What happened, did your balls drop off?”

I mean let’s lay our cards on the table here: when the Federal Globo-Homo makes a habit of threatening “Right Wing Americans” and calling MAGA people “Semi-Fascist” and “Domestic Terrorist” things have gone off the rails full stop and the ice cream has turned to literal SHIT, agreed?

AREA OCHO Blog put it best:

This nation is separated into armed camps. They are polarized like no other time since the 1860s:

You have the hard-core Communists of Antifa, BLM, and their cronies. They are armed, violent, and just itching to get their revolution on. They are using the J6 protest as their Reichstag fire, an excuse to seize power.

The so-called MAGA Republicans, who represent the majority of the politically aware right, are sick of the bullshit and are pushing back. They are not looking for a fight, but are well armed and pissed off. All they wanted was to be left alone.

There are the kiddie diddlers. The fags, trannies, and other deviants who see the power vacuum as a way to be able to fuck little kids. The left is content to let them have their way with your kids, as long as they throw their weight behind this commie takeover.

Then there is the “go along to get along” pussy wing of the Republican party, the political whores whose only core value is to do whatever it takes to remain in power, even if that means kissing Democrat ass to stay there. Their chairman is Mitch McConnel. He is ready to kiss Biden’s ring, proving that he is out of touch with mainstream Republicans and unfit to manage a Planet Smoothie franchise.

All I know is that this new move to inflammatory rhetoric by the President is not a good sign.

Only three things left to do now dear readers if you have not already started…

(NC Scout foreshadowed this in his rebuttal post)






I would be remissed after all of that to not mention the only POSSIBLE way forward is State Secession and National Divorce, but let’s not be nieve, Joe and his Globalist cronies are not going to just leave us alone and let us walk away amicably.

To once again quote NC Scout:

“The Taliban won, and we will too when pushed. We have a culture to be preserved, yours is failing. Don’t threaten us.”




In Texas News: Gun rights and Wetbacks.

Federal judge says Texas CANNOT BAN 18- to 20-year-olds from carrying Handguns

I know there were some well meaning Conservative parents on the fence about this one but ultimately I have to take the position that inferring age limits on our 2A rights is dangerous. I mean look what happened when they raised the drinking age limit from 18 to 21: After a few years the Politicians seeing that the stats were favorable (fewer kids being killed from Drunk Driving) they started talking about raising the legal age limit to 25! I mean where does it all end? Ultimately in our society an 18 year old is an adult. At 18 yo man or woman can legally sign up to fight for their country so in turn I don’t think it is unreasoable to ask that same country to give those 18 year olds the right to be able to purchase a rifle or handgun and in turn, carry a handgun for self-defense.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott will send migrant buses to Chicago

Once again I have to applaud Governor Abbott for giving these head up their own ass Globalist liberals in D.C. and these other cesspool shithole cities a wake up call when it comes to the planned pandemic of Illegal immigration in this country, but alas our Governor needs to put some REAL TEETH to his actions.

It’s obvious what Joe and his Globalist taskmasters are doing…they want Texas GONE! They want all of us “Domestic Terrorist MAGA White Southern Folks” “ASSIMILATED” into the Brown/Black horde and all semblance of national soverignty (as in Borders) eliminated.

Ha! Yeah not gonna Happen asshole.

So once again I have to go back to the only Possible Way Forward: State Seccession and National Divorce.





Racial Reality.

This term was running through my head this week after my good friend Eric over at Calculus of Decay posted this gem of Sniffer Joe in 1988 during his disasterous Presidential run talking about “Justifiable distinctions based on race.”

Then we had the Water Shortage in Jackson, Mississippi or as Arthur Sido put it: Johannesburg, Mississippi. 

I think Actions always speak Louder than Words and when things like this happen it just steels my resolve that being a Race Realist nowadays in the delusional era of “Diversity is our Strength” is just good Common Sense.


You Don’t Want To Be A Star On Someone Else’s Flag



You Don’t Want To Be A Star On Someone Else’s Flag


“For the individual, it starts when you realise and accept that you are not free and you live in a sham democracy. The next step is a no-brainer. You either accept the problem and do something about it, or you pretend it’s not happening, you bury your head in the sand, and avoid confrontation. Throughout history, apathy is the main reason that tyrannies thrive, and liberties succumb to abuse.”

Long Live the Sovereign Republic of Texas!



A Great Day in Texas, But We Need to Keep Going!


As many of you know I have been a supporter of the Texas Nationalist Movement or TEXIT.

The Secession of the State of Texas from this Corrupt Federal Trainwreck called FUSA (Former United States of America) is the only viable answer to our Great State’s Survival.

The recent news of the Texas GOP declaring Biden as an illegitimately elected President and declaring homosexuality as ABNORMAL and opposing ALL efforts to validate transgender identity is definitely a step in the right direction but we need to keep going and declare the TEXIT Vote the Official GOP Position!

It Time to SECEDE from this corrupt FUSA trainwreck in 2023 to ensure our Survival!



One Riot, One Ranger

One Riot, One Ranger

Historical essay by Hobo.

A lamentation for men of good cause.

2020 was a year in which destructive rioting for the sake of racial revenge and personal profit was all but explicitly sanctioned by the Federal Government.   Among the casualties were the Icons of America’s accomplished and explicitly White past.   One of the chief amongst these, in my humble opinion, was a statue known mostly in its own slice of Texas, a bronze work that was donated to the Dallas Love field Airport in 1961.  The statue is named after a famous anecdote of the exploits of Ranger Captain Bill McDonald of Company B and using Ranger Captain Jay Banks as the model.  The “One Riot, One Ranger” Statue wasn’t taken down by any enemy’s axes, saws, or picks as part of some event of fire and brimstone. It was quietly removed on June 4th, of 2020, following the publication of a compilation of historical racial grievances levied against the Rangers.  What was so offensive about this mound of metal? The model for the statue, Captain Jay Banks,  was posthumously convicted for the high crime of not being on the ever shifting “right side of history.”

In the year 1957, Little Rock, Arkansas saw it’s White children held at bayonet point, forced by the National Guard to integrate with a hostile tribe under orders of the sitting President Eisenhower through the invocation of the Insurrection Act. The results of this single decision ought to be marked as the real end of the “American Experiment”. What most Americans don’t realize however, is that this event was merely an echo: a retaliation for an incident that had taken place a year before.

1956, Texarkana, Texas.  The White majority of Texarkana Junior College decided to exercise their right and desire to freely and exclusively associate with their own tribe in defiance of the Federal Government’s overreach. A group of over 300 White students had gathered to the entrance of the School to prevent Black agitators from forcing themselves onto the student body. Governor Allan Shivers, sympathetic to the segregationist cause; deployed a Ranger Division lead by Captain Jay Banks to ensure the safety of students and prevent a riot. The Rangers acted with the utmost professionalism and refused to intervene on anyone’s behalf unless violence occurred. This was enough to have his personage retroactively condemned and the name of the Rangers called into jeopardy.

Some may say it was just a lump of bronze, but these Icons are the only link to the past that many of us have in our atomized age.   If nothing else, our Icons and the stories attached to them are our only window into the kind of world we want to live in.   The people we want to model ourselves on.

The men these statues are depicting have long since departed to their heavenly reward, but for those of us who remain, the ghosts still stand and their examples still guide. This is their power and why the System will always find an excuse to remove them.

See you, cowboy.

Texas Border News: Armed Cartel Members Reportedly Taunt Texas National Guard



It’s getting nasty down here on the Front Lines.

These criminal POS want to threaten us?

I say we give them a Big Texas Welcome.

How’s 671 grains of diplomacy sound Assholes?