Ditch Medicine: Sterilization



Never can learn enough about field medicine IMO.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed an Stay Dangerous!



Dose of Truth: Mass Distraction


I was talking to a friend of mine the other day and we were discussing all of the crazy things going on in the world and after about twenty minutes I realized that not once had we discussed TRAINING or PREPPING, two subjects that we are both very passionate about!

That is when it hit me that we are living in a time of MASS DISTRACTION.

  • A time when political buffoonery is on endless loop in the so called “media” to the point it is all anybody talks about.
  • A Time when “Social Media” consumes peoples lives to the point they now have rehab facilities to “wean” people off of it like an addictive drug.
  • A Time when so called “news” is no longer about being truthful and accurate but being FIRST and the MOST SENSATIONAL, very often to the point of being FAKE.

Regardless if you think these types of things are by design or not, two things remains clear.

  1. The Armed Citizen must re-focus their efforts into SHARPENING themselves into becoming effective WEAPONS to defend themselves, their family, their tribe and their home.
  2. We must continue to PREPARE for the worst case SCENARIO (ie, Natural Disasters, Civil Unrest, etc.)

So having said all that, the Tactical Hermit will be spending more time sweating at the range and at the gym and less time discussing “the news”.

I suggest all you good folks do the same!

“The more you SWEAT in Peace, the LESS you Bleed in WAR.” -General Norman Schwarzkopf

Stay Alert, Stay Armed Stay Dangerous!


Civilian Operator 101: Survival Lessons from South of the Border


One of the best articles I have read in a long time on practical ways to survive in hostile environments, especially south of the border.

Be sure to bookmark the guys website also: Edsmanifesto 


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Prepping 101: ‘Doomsday’ Marketing


Doomsday Prepper Supply Companies Are the Real Winners of the 2016 Election!

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Ultimately it is always going to be up to the end-user (YOU the CO) to make good, common sense decisions on what to buy and when to buy it and not be influenced by scare tactics or “Doomsday” Marketing.

Never operate out of fear folks, nothing good ever comes of it.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Survival Medicine: Taking Expired Prescription Drugs


What You Need to Know About Expired Prescription Drugs

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As a serious prepper, this subject is important to know about for two reasons: Anti-Biotics and Painkillers, two things you should have ample supply of if possible.

Here is a nifty article on Hoarding Antibiotics I found.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Prepping 101: Beyond Zombies – Survival Lessons from The Walking Dead


Beyond Zombies: Survival Lessons From The Walking Dead

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With the new Season 7 Starting last night, I thought this s a timely article.

And Yes all fellow TWD fans, I am still in shock over Sarge and Glen’s Death from getting brained by that that crazy SOB Negan.

All I can say is Revenge is a Bitch Negan.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Today Somebody Broke The Internet For A While


Today’s Brutal DDoS Attack Is the Beginning of a Bleak Future

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To sum it up folks, today somebody broke the internet for a period of time over large parts of the United States. I have my suspicions as to WHO but I won’t go into that right now until I have more proof. As for now, a few things that we as preppers and martial citizens should understand:

  1. Expect this to Happen much more frequently and for longer periods of time until eventually somebody breaks the Internet for a month or more. And when I say “break” I mean totally non-functioning. Do I have to go into detail on the long term effects of this?
  2. DDoS Attacks combined with certain other tech-comm events (like the taking out of certain satellite comms) are often a prelude to War. If you look back at when Russia invaded Ukraine, DDoS attacks were widespread in order to control the flow of information.
  3. The targeting and use of the IoT or Internet of Things is very telling and certainly a harbinger of things to come as cyber-jedi Brian Krebs explains.

I am no cyber wizard but I do know when things eventaully go South (and I think we are close to that happening) it will most likely begin with something just like this.

Stay On your Toes, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!