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You can never read enough about Guerilla Warfare tactics and history.

I would urge everybody to invest in a flash drive where you can keep reference materials like this handy.

I would also urge all my readers to go over to Active Response Training and sign up for email alerts.

Every month they post Free Amazon Kindle e-books. The genre’s are mixed but mainly involve Prepping, Tactical Shooting, Self-Defense Strategies, Crime Awareness, Self-Help, Crime Fiction, Post-Apoc Fiction, etc. It’s a really easy way to build you a nice library of reading material for FREE. I have been doing it for a few years now and have over 1,000 titles in my digital library. (Heads Up: These books only remain FREE for a very limited time, so the best time to download them is the day you get the notification email!)

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Self-Defense Behind the Wheel of Your Car

Self-Defense Behind the Wheel of Your Car


Decent primer on a subject I hope you are devoting some live fire/force-on-force training to every month since besides your home and workplace, your vehicle is where you spend a large majority of your time.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


An Interesting Tool for Delaying Actions…

Excellent Ideal.

Buy Yours Today!

I bought several dozen of the large ones a few years back and then did some modifications to them with a grinder and dremel tool. Basically I barbed them like a fish hook so when they did puncture something it hurt twice as bad and was a real bitch to get out.

I am not interested in just making somebody feel bad for a while, my goal is to cripple them and make them COMBAT INEFFECTIVE!

The Defensive Training Group

Lot of 3 Rare Ancient Roman Military Caltrops (3) - Catawiki

For those who are unaware, the above graphic is of an ancient Roman tool used to stop cavalry charges, or human wave infantry charges when outnumbered.

It’s called, simply, a ‘Caltrop.’

I was REALLY surprised at how many people make these things for sale for use by collectors, reenactors, or Joe Shit-the-Ragman for home or neighborhood defense.  Here’s an example:

QUICK AND DIRTY CALTROPS | Northwest Firearms - Oregon ...

I like these, as they’re simple.

These are nice, too!

10 Small Caltrops - Road Tire Spikes Stars Immobilizers - 5 colors - Heavy Steel

Small are for bad people coming across your lawn, or in the dark, your driveway/sidewalk – Large are for bad people coming at your home or neighborhood in vehicles.

SUPERB passive defense measure.

Remember, in non-emergency times, all local, state and federal laws may impact your use of these ancient tools!

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One Shot One Kill

One Shot, One Kill

A decent essay on the subject.

Check out my offering, Urban Guerilla Sniping v3.0

The bottom line is that this is no longer leisure reading for the Tactical Golfer.

Some seriously nasty Ungentlemanly Warfare is coming our way.

Prepare Accordingly.


A Challenge of Logistics: Ammo in Guerrilla Groups


Almost as predictable as the rising of the sun is the issues of keeping a guerrilla group supplied. In every historical account I’ve read and personal encounters training and patrolling with the Kurdish Peshmerga and even the Afghan Border Police (which is little more than a government sanctioned militia) the number one issue boils down to logistics. In all cases, its not even having a combat load of ammunition for a patrol- they barely have ammo to even train, much less sustain a firefight for long. Such is life. Today many are finding themselves in a similar situation. Ammo, for the most part, is short and expensive where you can find it. The guns don’t seem to be the problem- 5.56 and 9mm are the new 22 Long from the era of Obama. Taking that into account, how many here in the States actually have a realistic picture…

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