The Rules of Surviving a Black Market Economy

The Rules of Surviving a Black Market Economy


Take Heed.

Coming VERY SOON to a town/city near you!

Evasion Hide Site – Survive and Get Rescued


Hide sites are an integral part of the Guerilla’s battle plan and have many valuable uses besides Evasion.

Strategically placed material hide sites for example.

Study Up and Train Hard.


DIY Prepping Projects: Portable Solar Power System

A Reader Sends, A Portable Solar/Power System


H/T to Bustednuckles for passing on this one!

Really great ideal that can be tweaked to meet the end user’s specific power needs.

Expensive? Yeah, but when you compare this method to a Gas Generator several benefits are obvious:

  1. Take my word on this after living through 3 major Hurricanes: Dependency on Gas in a SHTF situation SUCKS. If you do not have large amounts stockpiled, the process of obtaining it is an adventure within itself (ie having to drive 100+ miles for gas? Consider the cost of that when calculating gas for the vehicle you are riding in plus the security factor of leaving your home/camp)

  2. Convenience of having your Power Supply Indoors and not having to put gas in it every 6-8 hrs.

  3. Gas Generators make NOISE and have to be kept outside in a ventilated area. In a SHTF scenario when you are dealing with desperate people, this put’s you at a disadvantage security wise.

There are many more points to consider I will be covering in another post soon.

Stay Dangerous and Prepare Accordingly!

French Foreign Legion Navigation Hack



Nifty trick when you find yourself lost in the woods.


Escaping Zip Ties

If you don’t have a set of skill’s in your tool box to deal with escape and evasion, specifically escaping a home invasion/kidnap situation where you have been illegally restrained, get some NOW!


You might want to watch this one too, as it dives into the EDC equipment you need for this.