No, The Sky ain’t Falling But Just In Case It Does…




Some practical advice on how to plan for emergencies.

I can tell you from experience that instead of planning for that BLM/ANTIFA Mob to storm your property you SHOULD be planning for the next Hurricane, Flood or Tornado.

It’s simple math! Get Practical and Prepared!

Example: Two weeks ago my part of Texas got it’s first snow in over a decade. The day we got the most snow (5 inches) also happened to be the coldest day of the year for Texas (27 degrees F with a wind chill of 22 Degrees F!) Well just to make things interesting our Power decided to go out at 8pm on a Sunday night and did not come back on until 2pm the next Day (18 hour blackout). Can you say Oh Shit! 😱

Luckily, I had serviced my generator, had plenty of gas on hand and had all my extension cords ready to go in their own bag. So we glided through an emergency that if we had not been prepared would have gotten pretty damn chilly and uncomfortable!

Stay Alert, Practical, Armed and Dangerous!

Junk on the Bunk: Cold Weather Clothing and Layering

Badlands Fieldcraft

Randy’s mom could teach us all a thing or two about layering..

We need to “dress for success” to be effective in extreme conditions. Our clothing choices become more important the harsher the climate and longer we intend to stay out in the bush. Since winter is upon us I’d like to share my lessons learned on cold weather clothing.

I don’t treat my clothing any different than I would any other tools; they need to be the right tool for the job to start with. I judge all my tools by how they perform and not by how they look or any other bias’. Whenever people discuss gear there always seems to be bias (caliber debates anyone?), but I really do try to avoid it as best I can. As MSG Dan Morgan said, we have to be ruthless in our gear selection.

Having lived, worked and trained most…

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The Coming Food Shortage

A Quick Reminder of How Venezuela RAN OUT of Food: Does This Look Familiar?


While everybody is running around like headless chickens on meth worrying about the next Civil War I have been steadily working on filling my deep freeze with venison and pork during archery deer season down here in Texas (Gun Seasons begins in November).

I strongly suggest all of you put some thought into this NOW because LATER will be too late.

Remember that scene in that movie The Road with the Cannibals?

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Quick Thinking by Kansas Soldier ends Active Shooter Rampage

Kansas soldier saves ‘countless lives’ by driving truck into active shooter: reports


Kudos go out to this brave soldier whose quick thinking saved lives!

It reminds me of a couple of articles I posted some time back about Dealing with Mob Attacks on your Vehicle and the legality Using your Vehicle as a Weapon.

In this day and age we spend more time in our vehicles than ever before and when rioting, looting and general mayhem (like Active Shooters) seem to be common place, the Armed Civilian has to be ready to defend himself and his loved ones by any means necessary and sometimes that may mean using that 2 ton hunk of steel and plastic you are riding in to flatten the assholes trying to harm you!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Hard Lessons: Urban Survival

From the Archives, 2018


Hard Lessons: Urban Survival


“If I asked how to go become a Hunter-Gatherer, how would you respond? Even if you were one long ago, it would be difficult. We’re talking about nothing short of an utter redefinition of how you live, your identity and role in society, and entrance into a new culture. How does one “prepare” for that?”

We really need more articles like this in the prepper/survival community In my opinion. Articles that challenge the status quo of accepted knowledge and get down to the nuts and bolts of survival. No flash, no hollywood, just surviving the best you can, for as long as you can.

Read this twice and pass it on to somebody you care about.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!