Texas News: Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Proposal Regarding Takeover Of Austin Police Department

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Proposal Regarding Takeover Of Austin Police Department

The communist morons who decorate the Austin City Council should be tarred and feathered and whipped with a rubber hose on a LIVE webcast for all to see.

They truly epitomize the timeless George Carlin analogy:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”

Like all communist hypocrites, they are finding out this ever popular WOKE Cultural Marxist ideal of de-funding police departments may play well in the fantasy land of liberal arts/basket weaving academia but out here in the real world, a lawful society needs Law Enforcement, pure and simple.

I think what we are witnessing with Governor Abbott right now is a State Soverignty trend that will hopefully spread across other Red States that actually care more about taking care of their communities and citizens safety rather than placating a bunch of black power marxist.

Whip that Liberal Ass Governor 👍

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Knife Attacks: Insights, Strategies, and Pro Tips

Knife Attacks: Insights, Strategies, and Pro Tips

Solid information from the Mad Duo over at BB&C.

Improvised Weapons

A good example of using whatever you have available to defend yourself, in this case a deranged burn loot and murder member brandishing a knife and threatening people is walloped upside the head with a motorcycle helmet and then disarmed. 👍

Nobody is Coming to Save You.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!



More Urban Shithole Madness.

Nobody is coming to help you.

You are on your own.

Prepare Accordingly.

This is what your liberalism brings you.

Meanwhile, in Chicongo — American Partisan


Knife “Dueling?”


I have never been a fan of the term “Knife Fight” or “Knife Duel” simply because in all my years I have never seen one, except in Hollyweird.

Anything involving a knife in the real world has always been Fast, Bloody and most of the time DEADLY, which is why I have been a student of Combatives and Combative Knife Training for decades.

Be smart what you dedicate your training time to folks, lot of Fantasy Bullshit out there.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!