The Clown World Chronicles: Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber at Houston Taco Joint Ordered to Face Grand Jury by Soros-Funded D.A.

Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber at Houston Taco Joint Ordered to Face Grand Jury by Soros-Funded D.A.


It has reached the point in FUSA where it is not even shocking that we hear about a Soros subsidized Houston District Attorney (Kim Ogg) who released a hardened criminal back into society on a ridiculous bail amount and then that said criminal (who is 9 times out of 10 Black or Brown) goes on to commit some awful, heinous crime that typically results in the death of innocent people (Who are a majority of the time WHITE.)

What is really ATROCIOUS about this story is that this time an ARMED CITIZEN was in the right place at the right time to STOP this POS Dindu and now the CITIZEN is being treated like the CRIMINAL!

I was glad to read the Citizen has a lawyer and is proceeding with caution.

ALWAYS exercise your right to REMAIN SILENT until a lawyer is present.

Let’s all pray for a Grand Jury NO BILL so this fine Armed Citizen can get on with the rest of his life.




The Five Elements of Lawful Self-Defense

The Five Elements of Lawful Self-Defense


I will never forget something a good friend of mine told me that lawfully defended himself in a self-defense shooting over a decade ago:

“The REAL fight for your life begins after the shooting stops.”

Concealed carriers should know the five elements of self-defense that are vulnerable to attack and have at least a fundamental understanding of each. Those five elements are:

  1. Innocence

  2. Imminence

  3. Proportionality

  4. Avoidance 

  5. Reasonableness

Crime Awareness: “Organized Crime” Looters Steal Astounding $400 Million In Goods From Target Stores

“Organized Crime” Looters Steal Astounding $400 Million In Goods From Target Stores


It never ceases to amaze me the lengths some of these so-called MSM “journalist” will go to skirt around the problem and not call a “Spade a Spade” literally.

I don’t know about you but I get tired of all the gentle euphemisms when it comes to reporting crime.

How about we just report the facts for once?

Allow me to translate the following woke “Newspeak” Bullshit for you:

“Organized retail crime has increased under the Biden administration while progressive-run cities implement social justice reform. Criminals are taking advantage of relaxed penalties for shoplifting, fueling a nationwide crime wave.

Shoplifting is a behavior not just in response to backfiring social justice reforms but also has its roots deep in poverty as high inflation crushes millions of Americans into poverty. Wage growth has been negative for 19 consecutive months, while food, energy, and shelter prices remain elevated. Working poor have drained personal savings and racked up insurmountable credit card debt to buy essential items, while some folks have resorted to stealing to survive. 

Target blamed most of the thefts on organized crime gangs. 

The thefts are so bad at the Target in Minneapolis downtown that everyday toiletries are locked behind shatterproof glass cabinets.”

Translation: The so-called “Organized Retail Crime” are primarily BLACK and BROWN felons and/or repeat petty-theft offenders with extensive criminal histories who take advantage of periods of lawlessness and chaos to steal high end electronics.

Contrary to popular liberal bleeding heart belief, these inner-city “poverty stricken” street urchins are not stealing food or clothes for their children but sixty inch 4K Televisions, Playstation Fives, X-Boxes, Macbooks and high-end Canon HD Cameras.

I mean let’s use common sense here: Do you think a national retail outlet loses $400 Million Dollars in “shrinkage” with people stealing toothpaste and baby formula?

More Tales from the Burn, Loot and Murder (BLM) Squad coming soon…



Black Crime: Boston woman Snatched From T Station and Raped

Woman Snatched From T Station and Raped: Court Docs Detail Horrific Ordeal


Barbaric crimes like this committed by Black Thugs (very often just released from prison or out on some ridiculous bail) only support the findings of the 2021 National Crime Victimization Survey.

We don’t have a MAGA White Supremacy Problem, we have an Armed Black Thug Problem being orchestrated by a Globalist Anti-White Government.

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.



The Great Betrayal

A Marine Widow Writes To Say No One Should Be Enlisting In The Military Of A Government That Hates Us


“I am a vet and the widow of a Marine who died on active duty.  I now believe that no white, Christian man or woman should fight for this country. 

Our government hates us.”


With Veterans Day fast approaching, I think this is a topic ALL Veterans need to confront.

Having served, I know there are a lot of Vets, Southern and Yankee, that feel betrayed as I do.

Regardless of where you stand, I highly recommend you read this Identity Dixie article from 2020 to put things in perspective:


No Longer Janissaries