Crime Awareness: Black Thuggery has no Age Limit

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12 years old?

A kid with a gun can kill you just as quick as a man with a gun.

Expect more of the same in FUSA’s Urban Shit Holes.

Heed or Bleed: GTFO Big Cities and Stay Away from Dindu’s.




Stay Armed or Guess Right 24/7

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Armed Tennessee Homeowner Shoots Both & Kills 1 of 2 Home Invaders

This could have been real ugly if the father had not acted.

Good Guys with Guns SAVE Lives.

FUSA Bulletin: More Black Anarchy on the Streets of Oakland

White Man Lynched on the Streets of Oakland


The anarchy continues in the United Socialist Republic of California.

It appears the cops have allowed the streets to become free-for-all zones for mobs of black thugs and in true liberal fashion the cops and the media have assigned a social justice euphemism for this anarchy (so as not to offend the perpetrators) calling them “sideshows?”

As far as the white man being attacked and possibly killed (could not find any information on his current medical condition) I commend his courage but we have to fight smarter than this if we want to make a difference.

The mistake this man made is he thought that being out in public in broad daylight with Law Enforcement circling the block would protect him, but he forgot the golden rule of FUSA:



Stay Armed, Prepare Accordingly and Never forget the advice of Scott Adams:


Texas News: Black on Black Violence Wounds a White TX A&M Baseball Player 400 Yards Away!

Police identify suspected gunmen in shooting that wounded Texas A&M baseball player


So two doped up ghetto urchin Dindu-Nuffin’s s get into an argument and start blasting at each other indiscriminately with handguns not understanding terminal ballistics and the importance of knowing your background and a stray bullet wounds an innocent white baseball player over 400 yards away!

Thankfully the victim is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

This is the second Black on Black Shooting in Texas this month, the first one occurring at a prom in Jasper.

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.

Anything with the Prefix Trans=Mental Illness

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Exhibit #1

This kind of shit right here would be a great PSA for Eugenics.


Exhibit #2

Stay Armed.

Prepare Accordingly.