The Wild and Bloody Bunch

H/T Kiwi Gene


Another WILD CCTV video out of Brazil.

The bandit in the straw hat charges the armed security guard and shoots him point blank with a revolver.

The guard manages to return fire with his semi-auto pistol scoring a hit in the bandit’s neck hitting the carotid artery.

The meelee continues with several more rounds fired at distances less than six feet until the security guard retreats through the back door and the bandit succumbs to his wounds in the turnstile and dies.

The security guard survived due to wearing Level III Body Armor, despite being shot over three times at close range.

How to Secure Your Water Supply for Emergencies

How to Secure Your Water Supply for Emergencies


With things swirling around the toilet bowl at a faster pace than ever in the World it always surprises me how much people would rather BITCH AND MOAN than PREPARE and WORK!

Seriously folks, we are being given a golden opportunity here to READY ourselves…TAKE IT and GET TO WORK because when the hammer drops excuses will count for shit.


Fieldcraft: Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches

Alternative Fire Starting Without Matches


Good things to have in your mental and physical survival toolbox because you never know when you might need FIRE.


More Vehicle Preparedness


Pat Mac with some more no frills advice for Vehicle Preparedness and what to put in that VBOB!


How To Make The Best Hardtack

How To Make The Best Hardtack


I’ve made hardtack many times over the years to put in the annual stew. Its easy enough to make, as most breads are. Sailor Boy is a decent shelf-stable substitute if you’re not into making it your own, but I strongly encourage you to give it a shot. You’ll enjoy the results.