Calhoun’s Prophecy


This scene from Amistad with Calhoun always stands out in my memory as superbly written.

John C. Calhoun was a man ahead of his time, a true Southern Loyalist and militant proponent of states rights.

His words ring as True Today as they did in 1839 do they not?


Texas News: Texas Challenges the NFA with HB957

Texas Challenge to the National Firearms Act might Succeed with HB957


Little by little my Home State is inching away from Federal Tyranny through very tactful Lawfare.

If you know your 2A History you know the National Firearms Act (NFA) was one of the most unconstitutional pieces of legislation ever passed by the criminals in D.C.

Keep on Truckin’ AG Paxton, this Proud Texan is behind you all the way!

Texas to Cut the “Feds Out of the Equation”

Texas Reportedly Unveils Its Own Border Fence That Will ‘Cut the Feds Out of the Equation’


Yeah that chain link fence may not look like much but I am looking at the BIGGER picture here:

“Cut the Feds out of the Equation” 

Is the greatest single sentence I have heard come from our Governor’s mouth in years!

Now let’s run with this full speed ahead and carry Texas on to true Sovereignty and Independence Mr. Governor!

Greater Idaho

‘Greater Idaho’ took one step closer to being a real thing as 5 more counties voted to explore leaving liberal Oregon for conservative Idaho


“Rural Oregonians say they have no voice in the state Legislature. Ems and McCarter said the push to join Idaho centered on Oregonians living in rural areas who don’t feel represented by the Legislature. Most of the population lives in urban centers and skews Democratic, while people living in rural areas tend to skew Republican.”

As I have been saying for a long time, the 10th Amendment is going to be the determining factor in the direction this country is heading. STATE’S RIGHTS!

Historically, Balkanization and Secession have bloody histories, but irregardless, CHANGE has to come to this Country one way or another.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Idaho Governor signs law preventing State from enforcing Biden’s gun control proposals

It’s time for all States to Stand up to this Federal Tyranny and Unconstitutional non-sense.

America's Watchtower

Back at the end of April, in anticipation of Joe Biden’s expected gun control Executive Actions, Montana’s Governor signed a bill into law which would protect his residents from said actions. At that time we learned there were 12 other States that were preparing legislation along the same lines and now, according to this story, another State has followed suit. Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a law to prohibit Joe Biden’s gun control Executive Orders from being enforced. Here is more:

Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R) signed legislation Monday to prohibit enforcement of the executive actions for gun control put forth by President Joe Biden.

One outworking of those executive actions has been the Department of Justice’s attempt to reclassify certain gun parts kits as “firearms.”

The executive actions are also expected to lead to DOJ action against AR-pistols with stabilizer braces.

The new law is retroactive to January 20…

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