National Divorce—Or State Divorce? Immigration Has Made One The Other Inevitable

National Divorce—Or State Divorce? Immigration Has Made One The Other Inevitable


Secession, successful and unsuccessful, has a long history in the U.S. The U.S. itself, after all, separated from Great Britain.

Vermont separated from New Hampshire, New York and Quebec, Maine separated from Massachusetts, and the Republic of Texas separated from Mexico and joined the United States on terms that arguably allowed Texas to divide itself into five smaller states looking something like this:






If at First You Don’t Secede, Try Try Again!

Secession Movement Succeeding: Idaho House Passes “Greater Idaho” Secession Bill


“More and more, rural white Americans are discussing it.

They want to break free from the control of leftists who dominate states from “urban areas.”

Movements have arisen in California, Maryland, Michigan, New York, Texas, and Virginia.”


Things like this give this old Proud Southern White Boy HOPE!


Texas governor unveils plan for statewide TikTok ban

Texas governor unveils plan for statewide TikTok ban


I may not agree with everything Governor Abbott has done in his last 8 years as Governor, but he has proven himself to be a Common Sense person and for that I salute him.


Balkanization is Coming

More than half of LGBTQ parents in Florida say they are considering leaving the state


This is encouraging news.

The bare minimum takeaway from Florida is that Cultural Balkanization can be a REALITY and is a first step toward complete Secession.

Now the REAL work begins for the rest of the Southern States.

Let’s all kick it into high gear!

Build and Balkanize!