American Apostate

American Apostate

I highly recommend reading Ernst Junger’s Forest Passage to understand the right mindset for how to think and behave in relation to a regime.

Here is a free PDF, you have no excuse.

There Are Now More Armed Bureaucrats Than There Are U.S. Marines

There Are Now More Armed Bureaucrats Than There Are U.S. Marines


This thing happening right now, where all these Federal agencies are garnering resources (with your tax dollars I might add) is called WAR FOOTING.

The Next Step is actual WAR.

Time to choose Sides: State Sovereignty or Federal Tyranny?





The United States is Dead, Walk Away Dixie


The United States is Dead, Walk Away Dixie

No one is coming to save us. The United States is dead. It is time for Dixie to walk away. How?


  1. Take down the American flag and raise your state flag. This should be the new focus of your allegiance. Your state is your country.  Act accordingly.

  2. Stop encouraging your young boys to serve in the federal military. If they wish to serve and learn a military skill, I recommend the National Guard at the state level, coupled with aggressive martial arts training. Go to gun clubs on the weekends in which he is not serving.  Martial training is important for young men.

  3. Teach your daughters how to be wives and ladies. Do not tolerate Yankee interpretations of Southern culture – such as daisy duke shorts and CSA bikini tops. Those are clothes designed to debase women and turn them into trashy sexual objects.  Females will play an important role in the continuation of the Southern family when we rebuild.

  4. Teach your sons how to be gentlemen.  Manners make the man.  This is not a function of wealth.  It costs nothing to teach a young man to take his hat off at the supper table, say “please” and “thank you,” hold open doors, pull out chairs, and defy modernity with genteel manners that distinguish him from his lesser Yankee counterparts.

  5. Secede mentally. Still watching Fox News? Turn it off. The events within a dead country should no longer matter. Still reading “national” news… walk away. Buy as locally as possible. Act as locally as possible. Engage (politically/socially/culturally) as locally as possible. Who cares if Portland is being burned down by federal agents called “AntiFa”? That is a foreign territory in a dead country. Focus on your town and your mission – which should be your people.

  6. At every opportunity, encourage young men to leave the U.S. military. I am doing my part and have successfully talked three men out of reenlistment. Do the same.  It is easy.  Explain it is a trap designed to ruin their lives. Critical Race Theory is laying the ground rules for their eventual dishonorable discharge. It is a very effective argument. If you are White, you have no future in the modern military.

  7. Encourage young men to learn meaningful skills.  College is a leftist trap designed to pad the bank accounts of millionaire, Jewish and Marxist academicians.  But you cannot outsource a broken toilet to China.  Plumbing, electrical work, carpentry – skills that use their hands.  Surely, some of us need to be lawyers, doctors, and accountants, but most do not. Earning an honest living with skills that cannot be forgotten is the way we win.

  8. Encourage young women to marry and procreate while they are young, too.  This needs no further discussion.  Babies and families are the way out of this mess.  Motherhood is one of the greatest accomplishments of a woman’s life.  It should be encouraged.

  9. Engage in Ethno-Nepotism.  Stop buying from stores where the staff is black.  Stop hiring Mexicans to do your yard work.  Now is the time to act like them.  Blacks only hire fellow blacks… Mexicans fellow Mexicans… Indians fellow Indians… etc, etc.  We need to start doing the same.  Your dry cleaner should be Southern; if not Southern, he should be White.  Your barber should be White.  Your restaurants should be White.  Spend your money with your own people.  Need your car fixed, avoid the local chain if you can.  Spend local… spend Southern… spend White.

  10. Most importantly, read your Bible – in its entirety – cover to cover. Focus on the areas within the Old Testament that explain the lead up to the Babylonian Captivity. Ensure your family and friends understand the similarities between Ancient Israel and the modern United States. Point toward modern Bael worship and the Revelation that will Manifest itself, soon.  If your church is not reading the Bible, walk away from that, too.  Start your own churches – perhaps at kitchen tables.

Know Your History: The Russo-Japanese War of 1904

The Russo-Japanese War of 1904


In 1904, Russia and Japan fought a war over Korea and China. This was a large conflict that threatened to shape the future of east Asia for centuries – but curiously, it was never organically resolved. Let’s take a look at this war together.


Know Your History: Carolina Celts and the American Revolution



In sum, it is hard to look at the South’s experience during the American Revolution as anything but extraordinary.  This article provides a minor glimpse into the most exciting and often forgotten theater.  Yankee mythology effectively frames the American Revolution in the following way: Tea Party, Minute Men at Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Declaration of Independence, Washington Crosses the Delaware, Valley Forge, Saratoga, and finally Yorktown.  In fact, there is no United States without the humble and fierce Carolina Celt.

More Southerners need to explore that part of their history, too, and reclaim their rightful place of honor.