Texas News: Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Proposal Regarding Takeover Of Austin Police Department

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Announces Proposal Regarding Takeover Of Austin Police Department

The communist morons who decorate the Austin City Council should be tarred and feathered and whipped with a rubber hose on a LIVE webcast for all to see.

They truly epitomize the timeless George Carlin analogy:

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”

Like all communist hypocrites, they are finding out this ever popular WOKE Cultural Marxist ideal of de-funding police departments may play well in the fantasy land of liberal arts/basket weaving academia but out here in the real world, a lawful society needs Law Enforcement, pure and simple.

I think what we are witnessing with Governor Abbott right now is a State Soverignty trend that will hopefully spread across other Red States that actually care more about taking care of their communities and citizens safety rather than placating a bunch of black power marxist.

Whip that Liberal Ass Governor 👍

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


It’s Up To You

It’s Up To You


T.L. Davis once again nails it.

Bottom Line, The Fight is Coming, So Prepare Accordingly.

FYI: As I have said before if you have not read T.L.’s  books, go buy all of them today and read them. You will be a better person for it, I promise.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Benefits of Secession are Becoming Increasingly Obvious

The Benefits of Secession Are Becoming Increasingly Obvious


H/T to Western Rifle Shooters Association.

Don’t forget to bookmark these guys site, it is one of only five that I peruse daily for the real skinny.

China tests swarm of ‘suicide drones’ launched from a truck and helicopters

Everyday the novel Ghost Fleet written in 2015 by PW Singer is becoming a daily reality.


America’s Totalitarian Ruling Class and Its Willing Slaves

I highly recommend all of Thomas DiLorenzo’s essays, articles and books.

Nobody has a better grasp on the history of the steady decline of this train wreck called The American Republic.


American is being ruled by bureaucratic and political whim, not laws, and most Americans have no problem with that. From Thomas DiLorenzo at lewrockwell.com: If the corona cold virus calamity teaches us anything it is that, with few exceptions, America’s political class is overwhelmingly dominated by fascists and totalitarians. I speak of course of all […]

via America’s Totalitarian Ruling Class and Its Willing Slaves, by Thomas DiLorenzo — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC