Article of the Week: “Kill The Boer” Comes to the USA

“Kill The Boer” Comes to the USA


No more warnings.

It’s Here.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.



October Review of South African Farm Attacks

South African Farm Attacks In October: Pistol Whipped, Tied Up, Shot In The Leg, And Murdered


Another sad month for WHITE folks in South Africa.

Take note: This is the end result of placating to Communist and Political Correctness.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Red Tide.


Know Your History: The Fall of the Boers, An Honest Look



Really informative read on understanding the downfall of White South Africa and how we got to the current state of white genocide with the ANC murdering South African White Farmers.

“Land Justice” for Blacks?

H/T Revolver


‘Stripped away’: Growing push on land justice for Black Americans


Four months ago I posted about the Riots in South Africa over White Farmers being Harrassed and Murdered by an off-the-rails Black South African Government Drunk with Social Justice Marxism and Anti-White Political Correctness.

This article from 2019 about how Land Seizures from White Farmers in South Africa is Justified is almost a verbatim copy of the Stripped Away article in terms of BEE/BBBEE policy!

The historical record is crystal clear.

Communist never change their stripes, they just adapt the language and terminology.

Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide!