Anti-Communist Book of the Month

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


While you are here it would not hurt to re-read one of the best articles Revolver has written in the past few years, Are You Ready to be an American Kulak?


Pineland Coming Soon?

Pineland: Coming Soon?


Make no mistake the above statement is NOT a question anymore.

IT IS Coming Soon.

Train Up and Prepare Accordingly.


The Communist World Revolution, 1917-1923

Read Twice and Circulate Extensively.


[850 words]

The Communist political strategy from 1917 to 1924 was known as “World Revolution.”

They aimed to establish a totalitarian Communist world government by scamming the proletarian masses into killing off their current ruling elites, and replacing them with a new elite of international-banker-backed Marxists and the horde of social reprobates and criminals that they called comrades.

It was a great irony that the Marxists dubbed the existing elites “bourgeois capitalist oppressors”, considering that many of the Marxists were literally members of the bourgeoisie, and that Communism in practice defaults to oppressive neo-feudalistic oligarchy (the plebs just say “m’party” instead of “m’lord”).

Anyway, almost every single European country experienced a Communist revolution during this period.

However, the World Revolution strategy was a miserable failure everywhere except Russia, which was the last country they had expected it to succeed in. The whole idea of Marxism is that Communism…

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FUSA Bulletin: They’re Coming for YOU Next

The Trump Raid and the End of the United States


For those of you that have been paying attention, this should not come as any surprise.

The closer we get to 2024 the more Branden and his Stasi (F.B.I.) Stooges will accelerate the FUSA timeline.

Expect Legal Harassment and Open Reprisals on ANYBODY not toeing the Globalist/Marxist Line.

Oh Yeah, You Can’t Vote Your Way Out of This.

If You Haven’t Made Up Your Mind who the REAL ENEMY is, maybe this will help.

State Sovereignty and Secession are our only Life Jackets at this Point.

Prepare to Repel Boarders.





FUSA Bulletin: Vigilante Justice will Soon be the Only Justice

Vigilante mobs beat illegal miners and torch their camps in violent backlash after heavily-armed men gang-raped eight models filming music video in South Africa


What is happening in South Africa right now is a snapshot of FUSA in the next year.

Please read my essay Vigilantism as the Rule and not the Exception.

Time is Short.

Prepare Accordingly.