Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)

Shotgun Basics: Buckshot (Part 1)


I have been reloading for most of my adult life and have used just about ever flavor of shotgun load there is and for my money a good 00 Low-Recoil and #4 Buckshot are my “GO TO” loads for 2 legged critters.



Four for Fighting: The Greatest Quartet of Combat Shotguns

Four for Fighting: The Greatest Quartet of Combat Shotguns


A Look Back at the Heavyweight Champions of Combat Shotty’s:

  • Winchester Model 1897

  • Browning A5

  • Remington Model 11

  • Ithaca Model 37


Here is a fascinating article regarding why Germany wanted to ban the Winchester Model 1897 during WW1.



He Shot My Arm Off!

Armed robber flees in panic when Norco liquor store owner blasts shotgun: ‘He shot my arm off!’


Oh Man! Hearing these Black POS thugs cry and scream like little girls gave me the warm and fuzzies! 🤣 🤣 🤣

I Love it when criminals get a Face or an ARM full of Buckshot!

This 80 Year old store owner is part of a Tough, Self-Reliant Generation that does not hesitate to take matters into their own hands!

I Wish the Owner and his Family All The Best as he recovers from his Heart Attack after this ordeal. 🙏

Shotty Corner: The Nightstick SFL Forend Light

The Nightstick SFL — A New Shotgun Forend Light


Every weapon used for self-defense needs a light on it. Period. Regardless if it is a handgun, rifle or shotty.

Before these nifty shotgun forend gadgets came along back in the day I used a basic picatinny mount for a Streamlight TL-3 Flashlight and a curly cord pressure switch!

It worked great and I ran it for years and years with no problems.

Bottom line guys is the the Nightstick SFL combined with the Streamlight TL-Racker are the two best budget friendly options for shotty forends, priced out at between $100-150 for the LIGHT only model.

Not sure why you would need a laser on a Shotgun? But if you want to pay the extra money for it, go right ahead.

The Streamlight TL-Racker is rated at 1,000 Lumens while the Nightstick SFL is rated at 1,200.

I think the determing factor between these two will be DURABILITY and how well they handle the punishment of multiple rounds of 00 Buckshot.

Stay Tuned for a Field Test Comparison.


Shooting the Shorties



When these first hit the market I did not see the practical benefit to be honest with you.

Yes, they are small and compact, but at what expense?

What are you giving up for that convenience?

For me, I would much rather pack a Mossberg 500 Cruiser or Remington 870 Cruiser.

Is it as compact? No. But by retaining the pistol grip I still have some semblance of controllability, not to mention keeping decent capacity (6+1).

But as time has went by and several friends of mine slowly began singing the praises of these midget fire breathing beast, I started seeing the benefits.

One of the biggest benefits is they give you the closest legal thing to an SBR Shotgun you can find without the un-Constitutional registration and “tax stamp” and in the age of the ATF Stasi, who doesn’t like giving the finger to the man when it comes to inalienable Gun Rights!

I am a huge believer in the Shotgun for Home Defense/CQ engagements and having one or two of these babies tucked away in the right spot could never hurt!