Shooting the Shorties



When these first hit the market I did not see the practical benefit to be honest with you.

Yes, they are small and compact, but at what expense?

What are you giving up for that convenience?

For me, I would much rather pack a Mossberg 500 Cruiser or Remington 870 Cruiser.

Is it as compact? No. But by retaining the pistol grip I still have some semblance of controllability, not to mention keeping decent capacity (6+1).

But as time has went by and several friends of mine slowly began singing the praises of these midget fire breathing beast, I started seeing the benefits.

One of the biggest benefits is they give you the closest legal thing to an SBR Shotgun you can find without the un-Constitutional registration and “tax stamp” and in the age of the ATF Stasi, who doesn’t like giving the finger to the man when it comes to inalienable Gun Rights!

I am a huge believer in the Shotgun for Home Defense/CQ engagements and having one or two of these babies tucked away in the right spot could never hurt!

New Shotgun Forend Light/Laser Combo from Nightstick

SFL Lights and Lasers: Shotgun Illumination from Nightstick (Without Weirdness)


Bad things and bad people come out at night.

Therefore every serious gun you own for “social issues” needs a light on it.

Especially your Home Defense Shotgun.

Not sure the price point on these, but if they are to be comparable to Streamlights Racker I am guessing somewhere in the $100-$125 range.

I could care less about a laser on a shotgun and I hope they offer a model without it because if that is what is going to drive up the price I will just stick with the Streamlight Racker currently in use on my Remington 870.


The Community Quartermaster


The Community Quartermaster


A really good and practical read for the Serious Martial Citizen.

The days are coming very soon where “Arm Thy Neighbor” will be the Rally Cry!

The reality is not everybody is going to have a gun when the hammer drops and you are going to need multiple armed warm bodies for your tribe to stay safe when things start shitting the bed en masse.

Better to prepare Now for that Eventuality.


Instead of buying that $1500 tricked out AR, but two Budget AR’s or 3 Basic Shotguns or 3 Basic 9mm Pistols.

*For Further Reading Check Out Arm Thy Neighbor over at American Partisan

Prepare Smart and Accordingly!

Coach Guns

Best Coach Guns: the Stow-N-Go Defenders You Want Riding Shotgun


Call me old fashioned and nostalgic, but I still think short, side-by-side 12 Gauge Coach Guns are Cool as the other side of my pillow.

Now this is not to say that I think they are COOLER than a Pump 12 like a Remington 870 or Mossberg 590, but they are right up there!

Why? Like all shotty’s, they can handle all manner of threats: 2 legged, 4 legged or no legs at all (snakes) but they are compact and fast!

And before you start talking about ammo capacity, take it from me: If 2 rounds of 00 or #4 Buck Does not solve your problem, you seriously need to think about something belt fed because buddy, YOU GOT SERIOUS FUCKING ISSUES! 😄

The best gun for the money from this list IMO is the Stoeger.

FYI: I could give a shit about exposed hammers. I am not a cowboy shooter, I am just a cowboy who occasionally needs to shoot things.

Prepare Accordingly.


10 Double-Barrel Shotguns That Deliver Instant Defense

10 Double-Barrel Shotguns That Deliver Instant Defense


Call me old fashioned but I have always liked having a double-barrel 12 gauge handy around the house. They are easy to use and load in a pinch (for all household members) plus there are very few problems that two rounds of OO Buck or #4 Buck cannot handle I assure you.

I remember my grand dad had a double barrel ten gauge he kept by his recliner. That thing would blow a hole the size of a five gallon bucket lid through a wall (or man.)