What Happens When A Government Fights A Dirty War On Its Own People?

A Well written Big Picture snapshot by the Brushbeater.

Pay particular attention to the Government/Crime Nexus mentioned.

“Crime becomes a tool of political power rather than a question of morality.”


Our nation is at an impasse- a question of direction, going far beyond singular issues such as firearms ownership, personal privacy or economics- but one that encompasses those who see America as a thing to be preserved and another who see it as a thing needing to be destroyed. It was said by a number…

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Lessons From The Warsaw Ghetto

Great Read. Be sure and read the two links on Lithuania.

Highlights from Part one. Staple this to your Brain.

1) Government identification records are the clerical basis for mass murder and other atrocities: No, not every government ID scheme leads to genocide and expatriation. But for the collectivists of both the German Reich and the USSR, each victim’s identity card was both part of the initial targeting and the final “production record”.

2) Get to the forest early if you want to live: If you think they will be coming for you, you are probably right. Plan not to be where they know you work and live. Act early if you want to maximize your chances. You and your family will die if you are at your government-approved address.

3) The Bad People will have lots of help from your neighbors:The most disturbing moment for me in the KGB museum was not in the execution or interrogation/torture cells. It was realizing, while moving through the excellent exhibits on the mass deportations of Lithuanians after “liberation” by the Soviets in 1944, that most of the deportees (many of whom were subsequently executed or starved or died of exposure and disease) had been betrayed to the NKVD/KGB by their neighbors.

4) “Fascism” is not the only mortal enemy of freedom and life; the real enemy is collectivism in any form: At each of the memorials, one could tell the provenance of any signage by its reference to “fascism”. Mostly, such markings were from the Soviet era, during which — not coincidentally — many more millions of innocent human beings were killed by the “enlightened” Communists than had been slaughtered by the Hitlerites and their collaborators. While it is too much to expect the Soviets to acknowledge these facts, it is essential that freedom-minded folks grok that collectivism, in any form, can and usually does lead to the mass grave.

5) Never report en masse when ordered to do so: Nothing good ever happens to folks who do.

6) Food and ammunition will be the vital shortages you must address in order to live: Empty weapons and bellies a successful resistance does not make.

7) The Bad People will torture and kill those who help you: Get used to the idea. Retribution killing is a standard totalitarian play. Try to avoid jeopardizing your allies to the extent possible, but know that they too will be swept into the whirlwind.

8) The Bad People will torture and kill your family members:Sippenhaft ain’t just a chapter in Vanderboegh’s long-awaited novel. The KGB museum was filled with execution orders with notations indicating that not only had the subject been killed per order of the Party, but that “special measures” had or would be taken against the victim’s family.

9)You must be prepared to fight until victory or death: Once you go to the woods, you are there for the duration. The Baltic “forest brothers”stayed out until they were killed or captured. More on them in the next part of this report.

10) If you think it can’t happen here, you are wrong. The Polish and Lithuanian Jews who were ground into dust by the Einsatzgruppenthought the same thing. So did the Lithuanians who couldn’t believe that the Communists under Stalin and subsequent regimes would hold their passionate patriotism against them.

Almost all of those folks who believed “it couldn’t happen” died. A few survived by running into the woods, or by bearing up under the brutal realities of the Gulag, year after year after year.

Each of them knows the single biggest lesson from Lithuania: naked, brute force can and does triumph over kindness, love of kin and country, and simple human decency — often for decades or more.

Lose your illusions.

While there is still time.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Even those skeptical of the accuracy and intent of certain groups’ recollections can find useful lessons here for the post-FUSA world.

People within five miles of your current home are your biggest problem.

Ignore that reality, and you will regret the omission.


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American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation is Working

American Apocalypse: The Government’s Plot to Destabilize the Nation Is Working

(Via: Survival Tricks)

One of the more eye opening articles I have read in the last six months.

All Conspiracy theories and tin foil hat bullshit, aside, are you PREPARED for what’s coming to this country?

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Democrats War on Guns

Democrats – Trying To Separate You From Your Firearms Since 1934


A short and concise history of the Mother of all Unconstitutional Gun Control/Disarmament Legislation ever passed in the U.S.: The National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA).

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Surveillance State: The Government’s Largest Private Domestic Spy Agency is a Corporation


AT&T Is Spying on Americans for Profit, New Documents Reveal

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Most all of the U.S. Cellular Carriers have been working with the NSA and Uncle Sam to one degree or another since the passing of the Patriot Act in 2001, but With AT&T quickly becoming another fat, bloated tech monopoly like Microsoft, it did not take long for Uncle Sam to offer them a seat at the head of the table.

Being the Government’s bitch has its perks of course.

Besides getting filthy rich not only from their exorbitant rates but also from the Govt. paying them with OUR OWN TAX DOLLARS, All those pesky FCC problems magically disappear as does any Congressional or Senate investigations into the legality of mergers, the possibility of monopolies and price-fixing/gouging.

Let’s not forget, AT&T “assimilated” Direct TV recently, so that means they just don’t have your comms, but they also have your viewing habits. How Nice.

Just recently AT&T announced that if you are a Direct TV customer, you are eligible for their latest promotion where you get a “Free” I-Phone 7 with a 2 year agreement. So as you can see, not only is AT&T taking full advantage of the latest Samsung “Your Samsung Galaxy Phone might blow up at any minute and catch on fire” scare, they are also hard at work getting as many AT&T phones and data plans (ie spy transceivers) into the hands of as many Americans as possible.

Something tells me it will work.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

(Authors Note: Just for full disclosure, I found out the AT&T promotion I mentioned above only applies to customers who  are moving (or porting their number) over from another carrier. It does not apply to just you average joe with no service.)

RKBA: Know Your Infringement History!


A 20th Century History of Infringement

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An excellent read on the History of Government “Gun Control” in the United States.

Know the facts folks, the Government Gangster Coalition (the entire United States Government apparatus including all of it’s inept agencies) have been trying to snatch your guns for a Looooong Time now and believe me when I tell you that they have no intention of stopping.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!