Red Pill on Racial Violence in America

2018 Bureau of Justice Stats: Blacks Committed 90% of Violent Felonies Between Blacks & Whites

Enough of the Bullshit.

Gear Up and Keep your Powder Dry.

Racial Violence is Back with a Vengeance.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous.



Awareness and Managing Unknown Contacts: Before a Harsh Word or a Gun

“A good self-defense course should begin with not letting it get shitty.”

Gun Guys need to learn 3 Words in order to have a more stress free life: Avoidance, Deterrence, De-Escalation.

Gun Culture 2.0

One of the most annoying and offensive criticisms I hear of Gun Culture 2.0 is that defensive gun owners are itchin’ for a fight and prefer to shoot first and ask questions later. Of course, there are irresponsible individuals in any group, like the “good guy with a gun” near me who recently shot at an Edible Arrangements driver who was making a gift delivery at his home.

But this is not the core of individuals I have met in my journey through gun culture, and certainly doesn’t represent anything I have seen in the mainstream gun training community. (Full disclosure: I do not hang out with internet commandos, so I cannot speak to that cadre.)

To borrow from Michael Bane, from whom I also took the concept of Gun Culture 2.0, many times (most often?) awareness and avoidance are your best defense. This reality is an important…

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Parents, Train Your Children Well…

Colorado boy, 8, injured in mountain lion attack describes encounter: ‘I tried to get it in the eye’


I can almost guarantee you this kid did not learn this sitting around playing Playstation all day.

Kudos to the Parents!

Teach your kids how to defend themselves against 2 and 4 legged critters alike.

Teach them how to use their hands, sticks, knives and firearms.

The Life you save maybe their own.

Also, when Mountain Lions are attacking children in their own backyard, it is time for Colorado Fish and Game to do their job and up the BAG LIMITS.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Oh Those Crazy Texans ..

I’m Sharpening my Trench Hawk as we Speak! 😀😄😎

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Tomahawk-Toting About to be Legal in Texas

Next it will battle axes and broadswords!!

Now why can’t I do that also???

Well it doesn’t ‘specifically‘ say I can’t…

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Seeing “RED”

Approximately 4 years ago, while working for a State Law Enforcement agency, I got a call from an Investigations Unit Sergeant (“IU”, our Internal Affairs Dept.) sayin’ I needed to come to their office, regarding a complaint lodged with the Attorney General’s Office

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A School In Florida Is Not Messing Around When It Comes To Security

Makes a helluva lot more sense than fantasy Gun Free Zones!!

Let’s stop gambling with our kids lives and GET REAL ABOUT SCHOOL SECURITY.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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A School In Florida Is Not Messing Around When It Comes To Security
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Say NO to Red Flag Gun Laws!

Republicans Caving Completely to Already Deadly Red Flag Law Demands


I have been warning folks about the Dangers of Red Flag Gun Laws for over two years now.

It’s time for Armed Citizens who believe in the Constitution to let POTUS and every other Politician Know that if they want to have a job in 2020, then remember who their BASE is and STOP pandering to these spineless gun grabbing liberals when it comes Red Flag Gun Laws.






Stand Up to the Rising Tide of Gun Grabbers, regardless of what Party they claim to be!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!