Home Defense Tactics

Home Defense Tactics


Extremely practical article on Home Security.

“Layering” your Home Security Plan is a fundamentally sound concept that is easy and affordable to do on any budget!

One of the key things I always tell people is STAY ARMED 24/7, EVEN AT HOME!

Remember: When the Shit goes down, if the gun is not on YOU it might as well be on the moon!

Some Preparedness Activities You Should Do In The Next 30 Days

Some Preparedness Activities You Should Do In The Next 30 Days


Very Practical Check List I can recommend to all my readers.

One thing I would add:

  • Inventory ALL Go-Bags/VBOB’s every 30 days It has been my experience these can get raided for one thing or another and need to be re-supplied. Pay special attention to batteries during the colder months. Remember: One is None, so always have spares for all your lights handy.

Situational Awareness (What NOT To Do)

**VOLUME WARNING** (Really Annoying Loud Music)


Keep Your Eye on Guy on the Far Right in Blue Shirt

Another Real World Lesson to Keep Your Head Out of Your Damn Phone!



Home Security: Make Your Doors Secure with this Easy Trick

Make Your Doors Secure with this Easy Trick

With home invasions on the rise, this is a practical and affordable way to secure the doors in your home or business.

Prepare Accordingly, Things are Not Going to Get Any Better.


Self Defense is Over

Tactical Wisdom

Plano, TX

Everyone said, “Wait until they come to Texas! The cops here won’t play that”. Then they came to Texas, and the cops protected BLM/ANTIFA. “But that was Austin”, they all said.

Then they went to Plano, Texas. There, BLM/ANTIFA blocked traffic. One motorist, pictured above, got angry and walked to the front, demanding that the crowd unblock the road. He was threatened and yelled at.

He said “Where are the cops?” Then, he found a police officer and demanded that the officer clear the road. It’s worth noting that the man was legally in the right. As a motorist, he had every right to drive down the road. BLM/ANTIFA had NO RIGHT to block traffic.

Crowd Closing In

So what did the Plano officer do? Warn the man to get back in his car and shut up. As the man started to walk away, the crowd closed in…

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