Buyer’s Guide: Perimeter Defense Tools for Home Security



A Good Basic Review of some FUNDAMENTAL Tools for Home Security.

With Door Kicking Home Invasions steadily on the Rise across the Nation, it never hurts to ARMOR up your DOOR’S.

For those of you who TRAVEL a lot for work and spend a lot of time in Hotel’s, make sure to invest in a good DOOR STOP with a LOUD audible alarm.


Secret Messages – A Guide To Covert Communication

Secret Messages – A Guide To Covert Communication


Nothing ground breaking here, just some “secret comm” fundamentals.

Remember, having a Security mindset in today’s cyber-snooping world is just good common sense.


Lessons from Four Carjackings: Learning How to Stop Them

Vehicle Security Basics for Survival in Bad Times

Vehicle Security Basics for Survival in Bad Times


Consider for a moment where you spend the majority of your TIME.

For the average Joe that would be HOME, WORK, VEHICLE.

Don’t neglect Vehicle Security!


How to Build a Safehouse