Armed Citizen Corner: 88 Year Old Nashville Woman Shoots Shoplifter

Nashville liquor store owner, 88, explains why she shot alleged shoplifter: ‘I’m fed up’


I Love This.

The Older Generation showing us how to take care of business!

We ALL need to take a page from her playbook and go and do likewise!

I almost spewed coffee when I read this part:

Authorities said it might be two years before they give her back her confiscated gun.

“I told ’em, shit, I might be dead by then,” Boyce said. “But the law’s the law.”


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

At least 13 are killed and 32 more are injured in multiple shootings during Memorial Day weekend of bloodshed across St Louis and Chicago

There is no Better Advertisement for what Liberal Leadership and Strict Gun Control get you than headlines like this.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Jaymes Jackson, 21, was killed in a shooting in downtown St. Louis, 3.29am Sunday morning

Jaymes Jackson, 21, was killed in a shooting in downtown St. Louis, 3.29am Sunday morning.

St Louis and Chicago

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The Anti-Gun Agenda in New York is Literally Killing Innocent People

Andrew Cuomo: Trading Lives for His Pride

When the chips are down most politicians can be counted on to fall back on the nature of politics which is self-interest, and the nature of self-interest is to always protect the agendas that feed you and keep you in a job.

Shame on you Luigi and your brother Fredo too.


Anti-Gun Liberals Finding Out How Hard it is to Actually Purchase a Legal Firearm

The Terrible Truth of the matter is that IF or WHEN these Sheeple Lib-turds come out the other side of this they will still be Anti-Gun because that is the nature of LIBERAL HYPOCRISY.