Why Russian Tanks Explode When Hit

History and War

Russian tanks used in modern conflicts have had very bad tendency of suffering catastrophic explosions. When penetrated into the magazine (“ammoracked” for gamers), Russian designs (particularly T-72 and its derivatives) tend to be violently relieved of their turret, which can fly off even some dozens of meters away.

The reason for this tendency towards turret throwing championship is their design decision – but not the one that is typically blamed for it.

Usual answer for why Russian tanks tend to explode is their use of the autoloader. Decision for using the autoloader is a logical one for the Soviet tank doctrine. It makes the tank much smaller, especially the turret – T-72 is almost a foot shorter than the M1 Abrams, allowing it to take cover more easily. Smaller profile also helps make the tank more mobile, as the same amount of armor can be had at the lower…

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Guerilla Gardening

Guerrilla Gardening

Excellent post with some GREAT links.

You need to be thinking like this with everything you do in regards to Preparedness.

Time is Short and the Stakes are High.



So We Can Rescue an Anti-American Black Lesbian Pot Head but Not a U.S Marine?

America revels in Brittney Griner’s return. Now Biden must do the same for Paul Whelan and Marc Fogel


FYI: Politicians from both sides of the aisle have a TERRIBLE track record when it comes to rescuing worthwhile Americans, namely American POW’s.

Biden and his ilk saw a Golden Opportunity to pander to their main voting base and rescue an Anti-American Black Lesbian.

You see Straight White Men who served their country do not rank as high, just ask U.S. Marine Paul Whelan who is still rotting away in a Russian Gulag on trumped up BS Charges.

Politics is such a despicable trade.


Know Your Enemy: The Russian BTR

H/T Mason Dixon Survivalist Association




Not to be confused with the Russian BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).


Box Breathing: A Tactical Breathing Technique To Stop Stress

Box Breathing: A Tactical Breathing Technique To Stop Stress


Breathing is one of the most basic but neglected things people can do to not only reduce stress but also improve your martial and firearm skills!

For those interested, I highly recommend you look into the Russian Martial Art of Systema and a book called Let Every Breath, Secrets of the Russian Breath Masters by Vladamir Vasiliev.

A good friend of mine introduced me to these techniques many years ago and it changed my life for the better in every respect.